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CDW Product Comparison Page
example comparison page for CDW part numbers
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6 days ago by 3rdparty
Xero’s OpenAPI story – Xero Developer
Nice overview of Xero's journey.

"Our OpenAPI experience started when we used the Swagger tools for some new internal services. At Xero we’ve historically used Apiary but decided to give Swagger a try too.

Starting out that way was great because it quickly taught us two important things:

Constantly up-to-date Swagger descriptions were super useful for automating a bunch of things (docs, mocks, client generation etc.). We could easily see how this would be valuable for the thousands of devs that consume our public API too.
Swagger isn’t a magic solution that means you get great docs “for free”. It still takes committed thought and effort to make sure you get high quality results at the end.
Some teams really embraced Swagger for their API work and made it part of their “definition of done”, others found it a hassle and went back to Apiary and whiteboarding."
openapi  journey  design  specifications  tooling  apis 
14 days ago by earth2marsh
Videos | Troll A Gas Platform (North Sea, 1995) | Structurae
Concrete gravity base structures | Videos | Troll A Gas Platform (North Sea, 1995) | Structurae Structure
architecture  video  building  offshore  technology  engineering  design  specifications  database  gravity  concrete 
4 weeks ago by asaltydog
Collaboration app for UI designers and frontend developers.
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8 weeks ago by JohanHWB
The value of product specifications: a modest proposal
At the beginning of a project I start a new spec document from a template in our wiki. I fill out as much of the basics as possible, which in our case consists of the following:

Basic metadata like who the team is, links to technical specs, etc.
The job story.
A stripped down version of Marty Cagan’s Product Opportunity Assessment framework.
Known dependencies and risks (such as customer support and back-office systems).
design  products  specifications  lean  wikis 
9 weeks ago by pboersma
How to Write Awesome Tech Specs – Lyft Engineering
You’re about to launch a new feature your team has spent weeks on. When you try to verify in staging, nothing works as expected. After digging into the problem, you discover that your feature relies…
technical  specifications  development  engineering  management 
11 weeks ago by vonc
Technical Reference > hardware specifications.
tags: my ecw hardware specs specifications ;;;
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october 2017 by neerajsinghvns
Apple Watch Series 3: Specifications, Pros, and Cons
Apple has announced the third series of Apple Smartwatch or Apple Watch Series 3 in the launching of iPhone three series recently. Smartwatch is just like Smartphone for sure. The difference is that the features tend to be limited as well as it is worn of the wrist.
Apple  Watch  Series  3  features  Pros  and  Cons  reviews  Specifications  smartwatch 
october 2017 by dennyfar

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