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1000 Pieces - LolaFeist - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When Scott first took Stiles aside to tell him, "So dude, sometimes some of us do stuff. Um, have sex. It's not weird," Stiles felt sick with nerves. He played it off like it was totally normal for Scott McCall to have orgies with other teenagers. Then he went home and freaked out thinking shit was going to go down like a bad gangbang porno or the way he secretly hoped college parties sometimes did, with games of Twister turning naked and penetrative. Stiles jerked off in the shower, thinking about Isaac blowing a disembodied penis that hopefully wasn't Scott's.
fandom-teen.wolf  pairing-derek/stiles  specific-gsf  specific-porn  specific-threesome  specific-het 
february 2013 by singoutachorus
shacking_up: Fic: Straight, No Chaser (1/1) R
“She what?” James’s roar filled the room as he advanced on Remus. “She. What?”

“She thinks you and I are having a go at it under the sheets, Prongs.” Sirius sprawled back on his bed. “Obviously you’re not emitting enough of a heterosexual vibe. Or Miss Evans knows something we don’t.”

“And what about you?” Remus cocked an eyebrow. “I believe her believing James was a poof had something to do with his permanent attachment to you.”
pairing-james/lily  pairing-james/sirius  pairing-lily/remus  pairing-sirius/remus  specific-porn  fandom-harry.potter  specific-humor  specific-het 
july 2010 by singoutachorus
skyehawke :: archives :: :: Story :: Moving Wishes
James is almost there. He's *almost there*, and it's the best and worst feeling in the world. His hands clench in the sheets, his hips have lost anything remotely recognized as control, and most of all there is this sparking in his belly. It lights again and again and again, spinning down to his cock and his breath hitches, stutters. Almost there.

"I saw Remus snogging Andrew Flinn," Lily pants into his ear.

"Um." James falters. His knee comes down just a little in his surprise, and it tips Lily up just slightly. She gasps. "What?"
pairing-lily/james  pairing-lily/james/remus  pairing-james/remus  specific-porn  fandom-harry.potter  specific-het  specific-threesome 
july 2010 by singoutachorus
oxoniensis: Porn Battle IX (Dressed to the Nines)
Victoria’s not sure who picked the theme of the party, but she’s amused when everyone stares at her in shock. They expected her to go with the moll theme, not the gangster, but she’s enjoying giving new meaning to ‘double-breasted suit’. She takes her flask from her pocket when someone offers her a drink and tosses back a good shot of whiskey. It burns in all the right ways and she winds her way through the party, looking for fun.
kink-pegging  fandom-bandom  challenge-porn.battle  band-cobra.starship  length-ficlet  specific-porn  specific-het  pairing-gabe/vicky-t 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
oxoniensis: Porn Battle IX (Dressed to the Nines)
"Come on," she says, and pulls him into the bathroom, locking the door behind them. He's got that stupid fucking smile on his face now, like he knows exactly how this is going to go, and even as she doesn't have to look at it anymore because he's kissing her the mere memory of it pisses her off more. So when he's got his hands on her waist and her back against the wall and his face in her cleavage (and, okay, she's breathing pretty hard, which sort of makes it easier for him to get at said cleavage), and one of his hands goes for his pants, she grabs hold of his wrist and stops him.
fandom-bandom  challenge-porn.battle  band-cobra.starship  length-ficlet  specific-porn  specific-het  pairing-gabe/vicky-t 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
jubileebanker: Pete/Trish pegging
Pete got it for her as a present, and he didn't really think she'd use it, but she hadn't even hesitated before slipping into the harness and fucking him hard. He was glazed the whole next day.
kink-pegging  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  specific-porn  specific-het  people-girl!patrick 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
The anonymous bandom ficlet exchange - wanna talk to her (she's hot as hell) - (PG) (prompt 13)
"Sorry, sorry," Cassadee is saying, in between giggles, because she isn't just laughing, she is completely losing her shit. Surely there's no way Brendon is that bad of a kisser; someone would have told him, right? "It's just," she begins. "But. Aren't you gay?"
band-hey.monday  pairing-brendon/cassadee  specific-het  specific-humor  fandom-bandom  band-panic.at.the.disco  length-ficlet 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
linzeestyle: [bigger-than-a-snippet snippet] Patrick/always-a-girl!Pete.
He's not sure what he's expecting -- maybe for Pete to laugh at him, or make a joke, or heckle him about his lack of sex life mercilessly for the rest of the evening. Instead her eyes go dark with something he can't place and she runs a hand down his arm, twines their fingers together and smiles kinda softly. "I'm sorry Lunchbox, I wouldn't have said anything if I'd thought about it." She slides up next to him and wraps her arms around him; in flats she's only a little taller than he is and she hugs him tight and buries her nose in his neck. "Sometimes I forget everybody in the scene isn't just fucking everybody who comes along."
people-girl!pete  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-first.time  band-fall.out.boy  specific-porn  specific-het 
september 2009 by singoutachorus
anon_lovefest: Post #10
Brendon and William (or, more likely, the saner members of their bands) had cited Pete himself as exhibit A and refused to send pictures, though Ryan had later admitted that Brendon really didn't look that different once they got him to pull his shirt back down. And Vicky-T had been, in Gabe's own words, the most fucking amazing drag queen in the world. So he walked into the bathroom expecting Patrick-with-tits, not a gorgeous strawberry blonde girl made of perfect curves and creamy skin.
au-genderswap  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  trope-crack  specific-het  people-girl!patrick 
august 2009 by singoutachorus
And The Last Thing She Said - Check My Phone (And You Keep Calling) -- Bandom RPS, Pete/Patrick
Patrick shrugs and ignores the twinge. After a while, he asks, “Why are you being Pete at me all the time? Do you still, um. Are you over, that whole thing? I mean, you have Ashlee now.”

Pete laughs, sinking in closer. “Dude. Patrick. Seriously; I will never be over that.”
pairing-pete/patrick/ashlee  pairing-patrick/ashlee  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  specific-porn  specific-threesome  specific-het 
august 2009 by singoutachorus
jubileebanker: Girl!Patrick (the original)
There's no excuse to be cuddled so close except that they want to. He knows that she's really good at songs, but second-guesses herself to be very good with words, so when she slides up close, he takes the biggest risk of his entire life and kisses her. It's gentle, soft. She's practically vibrating she's so nervous. Now that she's here, she can't remember the last time anyone kissed her just because they liked her, not for her fame or anything. Joe doesn't want anything from her except herself, which is kind of scary in itself. It's almost easier when you know it's nothing personal. She sort of tries to shrink down into the pillow when Joe takes her hat away and carefully pulls her glasses off--nothing to hide behind now. But he puts his hand on face and pulls it up, kisses her again.
pairing-patrick/joe  fandom-bandom  specific-porn  specific-het  people-girl!patrick 
july 2009 by singoutachorus
jubileebanker: Trish and Pete and Joe and pegging
Trish blinks. "Okay," she says mildly, "weird." She smacks Pete's arm again. "Although hey, way to freak Joe out. That's gonna require all kinds of apologies. Possibly blowjobs."

"I'll blow Joe," Pete says. "Sounds like fun," but he raises his eyebrows and Trish just rolls her eyes. Pete thinks about it that night, the worshipful look in Joe's eyes when he drops to his knees in front of her on stage, and Pete wants to blow Joe. He wants Trish to watch.

Which is exactly how he phrases it when he mentions it to her, half-expecting Trish to be talked into it. But Trish just thinks about it for a second and says, "Cool, but we should probably ask Joe."
pairing-pete/patrick/joe  kink-pegging  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  specific-threesome  specific-het  people-girl!patrick 
july 2009 by singoutachorus
Full Circle, Amélie, Amélie/Nino, photobooth
She blushes bright pink one day and then grins when she finds a list of 'good hiding places for two', and underlines everywhere she agrees with. They decide dates to visit each place, and put numbers by each entry on the list accordingly.
fandom-amelie  specific-het  specific-porn  length-ficlet  challenge-porn.battle 
june 2009 by singoutachorus
neery: Fic: "Stay", Pete/Ashlee/Patrick, 4700 words, NC-17
"Peter Lewis Kingston motherfucking Wentz III-" his cock twitches in his grip, and he gives himself a little squeeze. Ash only curses during sex, and even then only rarely; it's still really fucking hot to him every single time. "-if you don't stop fucking around and get me off now, I will stop this bus, walk over, and have Patrick get me off. While we tie you up in the corner."
pairing-pete/patrick/ashlee  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  specific-threesome  specific-het 
march 2009 by singoutachorus
saturnalia: RL crap; also a Pete/Patrick/Ashlee ficlet
"Okay, seriously," Patrick says. "Can we please focus? I'm giving you my best work, and you two are busy chatting."
pairing-pete/patrick/ashlee  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  length-ficlet  specific-threesome  specific-het 
march 2009 by singoutachorus
lacquerdreams: beautiful - pete/ashlee - nc-17 (pregnant!ashlee, girl!oral) - 560 words
The way he looks at her when she's wearing sweatpants and rubbing her stomach, curled up on the couch in the evening, makes her feel more beautiful than any photoshoot she's ever done.
band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  length-ficlet  specific-het  pairing-pete/ashlee 
march 2009 by singoutachorus
longtime_lurker: Ficlet: race through my red lights (OR holy random pairing, batman OR who are these bands again?)
In the bathroom she brushes her teeth, fingercombs her hair and examines her unshaved legs in resignation before turning on the fan and making a brief call to her big sister ("Help. Should I hook up with this guy who's in one of the bands we're on the road with?") which ends in her leaving Ashley a rambly voicemail that will prove totally embarrassing in the morning ("I know tourcest is like, the worst idea, but I totally have the opportunity and and he's kind of cute. Why aren't you theeeeeeere, dammit, you always used to still be up at three. Loser.")
band-hey.monday  band-the.cab  pairing-cassadee/cash  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  specific-humor  specific-het 
march 2009 by singoutachorus
these boys are too refined
The first time she suggests it, just sort of light in that 'it-could-be-a-joke' way, she's really not expecting him to go for it.
band-the.hush.sound  pairing-patrick/greta  kink-pegging  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  length-ficlet  specific-het 
january 2009 by singoutachorus
fic: each peach, 1/2 [Pete/Patrick/Ashlee, NC-17]
The thing is, as much as Pete jokes about it (and he jokes about it a lot; it averages out at about three times per relationship, for a pretty generous definition of "relationship"), Patrick's never had a threesome with Pete and his girlfriend-at-the time.
pairing-pete/patrick/ashlee  pairing-patrick/ashlee  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  length-10k+  specific-porn  specific-threesome  specific-het  pairing-pete/ashlee 
january 2009 by singoutachorus

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