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THEORY OF THEME PARKS: Wayfinding in Themed Design: The “Weenie”
they go the whole article without the etymology! It comes from the kid seeing the landmark and saying "We need to go there!"
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10 days ago by akamediasystem
Viser bl.a. snøfall, snømengde, smelting, etc. på kart. Utviklet av NVE og Met.
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18 days ago by danmichaelo
Remembering Geocities, the Suburbia of the Early Web
"It’s especially notable that the Dutch use the same word, kraken, for hacking as well as squatting, suggesting a direct lineage between the city’s legacy of squatting in the ’60s and ’70s into the anarchist-leaning work that created the DDS in the ’90s."
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19 days ago by jntolva
Here's a lecture / demo on the basics of working W/ tabular data to build subsurface modeling workflows us…
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4 weeks ago by cdrago

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