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AtF Sparks
OpenType font that draws spark lines in texts.
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april 2018 by xeophin
Sparks 2.0 — After the flood
We’ve just launched version 2.0 of Sparks, our sparkline typeface (formerly known as AtF Spark, see below). If the first release was an interesting and somewhat quirky proof of concept, this new version is a robust and versatile tool.

The first version of Sparks included six fonts (three bar widths, two dot sizes, and a single dot-line variant) and was never intended to be the end of the road for the project. The dot-line font especially was a rough attempt at building a line chart tool, which was severely limited by our technical know-how at the time. Sparks 2.0 has both expanded the font family into a rationalised set of styles and solved the technical challenges of making a line-chart font.
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february 2018 by llimllib
RT : Last week’s Top 10 had 's font. This week: 's tutorial on how to use i…
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september 2017 by paulbradshaw
After the flood | Projects | AtF Spark
Data Visualisation, Product Design, Service Design, Information Design
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september 2017 by e2b
After the flood | Projects | AtF Spark
Data Visualisation, Product Design, Service Design, Information Design
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september 2017 by agscala

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