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scala - How to flatten list inside RDD? - Stack Overflow |
So you can 'flatMap(lambda x: x)' in Python and that works, too.
You just need to flatten it, but as there's no explicit 'flatten' method on RDD, you can do this:
<code class="language-scala">rdd.flatMap(identity)</code>
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7 days ago by kme
python - How to convert a DataFrame back to normal RDD in pyspark? - Stack Overflow |
@dapangmao's answer works, but it doesn't give the regular spark RDD, it returns a Row object. If you want to have the regular RDD format.

Try this:
<code class="language-python">rdd =</code>

<code class="language-python">rdd =</code>
python  pyspark  spark  rdd  solution 
8 days ago by kme
GitHub - MrPowers/spark-daria: Essential Spark extensions and helper methods ✨😲 |
Essential Spark extensions and helper methods ✨😲. Contribute to MrPowers/spark-daria development by creating an account on GitHub.
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8 days ago by kme

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