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Django Packages : Newsletter
Newsletter subscription packages.
django  mailing  spam 
5 days ago by jerco3000
Phone Number Search | Truecaller
Truecaller is transforming today’s phonebook to make it more intelligent and useful.
Mobile  app  search  service  spam 
7 days ago by rmcl
We Can’t Stand Spam Either | Flickr Blog
Nobody likes spam. We’ve heard it loud and clear from our Flickr community—and we feel exactly the same way. It’s an unfortunate reality in modern times online, and it can be particularly challenging when you have a free website like Flickr. Still, we’ve been fighting spam for some time now. And thanks to our recent acquisition by SmugMug, we have new resources that are helping us take stronger action and make significant progress on this front.
flickr  photography  spam  security 
9 days ago by rgl7194
From Start To Finish, This Is How Beacons Send Ads To Your Phone While You're Shopping
That signal is detected by nearby smartphones and tablets that have Bluetooth switched on and beacon-enabled apps. The proximity can stretch to an entire store or just a particular shelf.
spam  bluetooth  privacy  capitalism  telecommunications 
9 days ago by campylobacter
Physical spam using cheap Bluetooth beacons spotted in the wild
Buzz Andersen on Twitter: "Crazy thing: my friends who run a high traffic coffee shop just found this thing under their bar. It turns out to be a super cheap Chinese Bluetooth LE beacon.…"
bluetooth  spam  via:twitter  alibaba  eddystone  ads 
10 days ago by jm

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