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The 8 Best Call Blocker Apps For Smartphones
How to block a phone number using a call blocker app on Android or iOS. Use these call blockers to stop telemarketers and other unwanted callers.
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5 days ago by jheady
The Importance of Spam Filters
A secure email account is one of the most valuable parts of running a successful business. That’s why you need spam filters.
spam  spam-filters  spam-filter-solutions 
6 days ago by Adventure_Web
SPF/PTR records
For mail you should alaays have a PTR record which matches the HELO / A record of your outgoing server. I'm talking purely a PTR DNS record here, not SPF.

The PTR record has to be set by the person owning the subnet. It can't be set on your DNS server (unless you own the subnet, that is).

The reverse record for your mailserver IP. Your typical PTR will be something like for a forward address of, linking to a hostname of

So for us, it would just be (mailserverip)

Yes, but make sure you get the format correct, the IP address is specified in reverse.

mx already covers your mx record, why are you adding a ptr for it as well?

include is to include another domain's spf record, so that's wrong.

Use one of the many testers to see what it shows. I like Dmarcian's: - use this for future spf needs, no need for PTR record.
mailserver  mta  spf  spam  dns 
10 days ago by dusko
Office365 - Use DKIM to validate outbound email
Why use DKIM when you already utilize SPF? It’s simple! They will work in tandem.
SPF adds information to a message envelope but DKIM actually encrypts a signature within the message header.
mailserver  mta  spf  dkim  spam 
10 days ago by dusko
WhereGoes? - A tool for tracing the redirect path of URLs
"WhereGoes does 1 thing: it takes a URL and shows you the entire path of redirects and meta-refreshes that leads to the final destination."
sysadmin  web  dev  spam 
13 days ago by ddribin

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