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Barcelona Convention Bureau
has list of congresses, useful for 'inspiration'
barcelona  spain  conference  congress  convention 
yesterday by piperh
Great news that around 20 advisory council members are determined to continue their work, despite ’…
Spain  Diplocat  from twitter_favs
yesterday by deckard67
Tienda de Mobiliario de Diseño, Sólo Diseño Original - BOD
Designery objects, for sale, gifts, lighting, prints furniture and more
design  objects  original  barcelona  spain  catalunya 
yesterday by piperh
Take the Strawberry Train to Aranjuez for a royal weekend
Taking the strawberry train from Madrid to Aranjuez is a great rail trip for during the summer months! 🍓🚊
Spain  from twitter
yesterday by loco2
Spanish now richer than Italians, IMF data show
THORT: maybe more of the Spanish boom than we thought was early, rather than wrong
spain  italy  eurozone  economics 
yesterday by yorksranter
Cruz Novillo: Logos – Counter-Print
publisher's description begins: 'Cruz Novillo: Logos' provides a comprehensive guide to an important
 facet of Pepe Cruz Novillo’s output, his logo design;
graphic  design  cruz  novillo  publisher  logo  logos  collection  spain 
yesterday by piperh
can be a great first point of call for by rail. The walled, medieval Old Town is a place to relax an…
Spain  Girona  from twitter
3 days ago by loco2
Going through Paris is a key connection for getting to by , the direct service from the French capital…
train  Spain  from twitter
3 days ago by loco2
We strongly recommend travelling by train in the Andalusia region of . Travel from Seville to and exp…
Malaga  Spain  from twitter
4 days ago by loco2
Catalonia's referendum unmasks authoritarianism in Spain
Good introduction to the political situation re: Catalan Independence movement.
Catalan  Spain  history  politics  article 
5 days ago by atelathehun

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