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Comrades in Deep Future - Journal #102 September 2019 - e-flux
"How can our heritage of emancipatory science and cosmic fictions counter the dominance of this trajectory of interplanetarianism—one that now also includes Trump’s declaration of a new “Space Force” as a sixth branch of government, essentially forging a form of space nationalism? While in a time of devastating ecological catastrophe it makes sense to claim “Earth First,” emancipatory science and cosmic fiction has always aimed to use interplanetary perspectives to enable new intra-planetary engagements. These are the very conditions and models through which we form a terrestrial community “bound to the earth and land.” The catastrophes about to be exported into outer space replicate earthbound exploitation, but in emancipatory science and cosmic fiction it works the other way around: interplanetary imaginaries become ways of expanding our understanding and practice of terrestrial life."
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