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Story Time From Space
Astronaut story time. What more do you want?
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3 hours ago by ToniCorinne
NASA Basically Missed a Huge Asteroid That Passed Unnervingly Close to Earth
The difference is, those asteroids are usually about the size of a bus, or maybe a house. Asteroid 2018 GE3 was more like the size of Walmart.
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4 hours ago by seaugust
: "Long live the first cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin!" Soviet space poster, 1961.

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9 hours ago by ash
Shojin Meat
Open-source clean meat

Regenerative medicine
to space farming
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14 hours ago by derishus
Satellite Map
Maps the current position and trajectory of 14,000 manmade objects orbiting the Earth.
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15 hours ago by N1cks
Commerce Department ready to add space traffic management to growing space role -
"Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross says his department is gearing up to add space traffic management to its growing portfolio of commercial space responsibilities."

"Those plans will build upon earlier studies that examined shifting the responsibility from the Defense Department for providing space traffic management services, such as collision warnings, for operators of civil and commercial satellites. That will include, he said, leveraging the expertise of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), part of the Commerce Department, in developing standards in collaboration with industry."

"[Ross]emphasized the “baby steps” nature of that planned transition, but didn’t estimate how long it would take to complete."
SpaceNews  space  STM  space-traffic-management 
22 hours ago by pierredv
Lightfoot calls for enlightened approach to risk management at NASA - April 2018
"In his last major speech as NASA’s acting administrator before retiring, Robert Lightfoot said he believes the space agency needs to do a better job assessing risks and making decisions in order to carry out its exploration plans"

"One problem, he said, is that missions are often sold on their benefits, but once under development, the focus shifts to their risks."

He also said that decisions are slowed down because information on various options and their risks isn’t brought fast enough to key officials. “The elevation of risk to senior leadership doesn’t happen fast enough,” he said. “That processes crushes decision velocity.”
NASA  space  risk-assessment  risk-management 
22 hours ago by pierredv
Startup with SoftBank, Airbus investment planning video constellation with several hundred satellites - Apr 2018
"A satellite startup that today announced SoftBank, Airbus, Bill Gates and OneWeb founder Greg Wyler as investors says it has plans to field a constellation of hundreds of satellites to provide global video of the Earth, but provided few details on how it will accomplish that goal."

"EarthNow spun out of the business incubator Intellectual Ventures last year with a mission to record the planet and provide video in real time to users on the ground. Airbus is the company’s manufacturing partner, using production lines made to build thousands of telecom satellites for OneWeb in Toulouse, France and Exploration Park, Florida."

"EarthNow’s imaging payload will drive the cost slightly higher than that of a OneWeb telecom satellite, which is estimated at around $1 million each, he said."

"Hannigan said Airbus is building the satellites using an enhanced version of the OneWeb bus produced by OneWeb Satellites, the Airbus-OneWeb joint venture that is building OneWeb’s constellation."

"Hannigan wouldn’t describe the EarthNow ground system, which would likely require either numerous ground stations or inter-satellite links to ensure real time data delivery, saying only that “each satellite is connected to the ground at all times.”"
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22 hours ago by pierredv

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