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Exclusive: As Trump trashes NAFTA, Mexico turns to Brazilian corn
#Trump bellicosity on #NAFTA causes #Mexico to seek new corn soybean trade partners #trust #relationship #fail
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february 2018 by csrollyson
How Glencore AG became a giant in the global agriculture trade - The Globe and Mail

Interested in acquisitions, Glencore AG has accumulated an extensive network of grain assets around the world, and has no plans of stopping
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may 2017 by jerryking
Estimating Prevalence Of Soy Protein Allergy | Soyconnection
"Since most soy allergy is outgrown, the prevalence of soybean allergy should be higher among infants than among adults. The only study of the prevalence of soybean allergy among adults is the estimate of 0.2 percent for Swedish adults – higher than predicted based on this logic."
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