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What’s Really at Stake in the Debate over Sen. Warren's Claim to Native American Heritage - Native News Online
For far too long, your [Native American’s] story has been pushed aside, to be trotted out only in cartoons and commercials.”

On that point, I couldn’t agree with Warren more. I strongly believe that the stories that are told about Native Americans (and not told) have a profound impact on our rights in this country. Which is why when I read the news articles and the comment threads about Warren’s contested Cherokee identity, I find cause for deep concern. If we take Warren out of the picture and just examine the content of the debate, what non-Native people are concluding about Native identity is deeply troubling.

As an example, on Thursday a Boston Globe reporter wrote this about her own family’s stories of Cherokee ancestry. “If the family stories are true, my mom would be 1/64th Cherokee, about 1.56 percent. That number is so small that it’s possible it would not show up in her genetic material at all… My mom also says her DNA test identified a small percentage of her blood as East Asian, which she believed could be a mismatch of the Cherokee.”

Rather than Americans learning about the importance of tribal sovereignty and community identification from this controversy, most non-Native Americans are walking away with the messy conclusion that Native identity is determined by things like self identification, family stories, and DNA tests. And, unfortunately these misconceptions about Native identity have a profound impact on Native rights. To make my point, I would like to focus on one issue that both the left and right have ignorantly used: blood quantum.
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