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What does a named USS Ronald Reagan have to do with villagers on Jeju - 's "island of peace" ☮️…
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7 days ago by dalcrose
RT : and agree to make a joint bid for the - time to think about the…
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4 weeks ago by dgmcgillivray
, one of the most connected countries on earth, just got four more servers. Say hello to our new se…
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7 weeks ago by dalcrose
The Atlantic: The Enduring Appeal of the ‘Fake Relationship’ Rom-Com
It’s thus hard to react with anything but genuine glee as the smitten Peter twirls Lara Jean around in the cafeteria, makes a sojourn all the way across town to get her favorite yogurt drink from the Korean grocery store, and writes her daily notes with an increasing sense of urgency. None of these acts officially breaks the rules that Lara Jean established for their false union, but that’s the point. Even in the face of self-imposed barriers, love—teenage or otherwise—finds a way to make itself known.
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8 weeks ago by allaboutgeorge
The New Yorker: Crying in H Mart
I wonder how many people at H Mart miss their families. How many are thinking of them as they bring their trays back from the different stalls. Whether they’re eating to feel connected, to celebrate these people through food. Which ones weren’t able to fly back home this year, or for the past ten years? Which ones are like me, missing the people who are gone from their lives forever?
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8 weeks ago by allaboutgeorge
Spotted in : A shop selling "This is America" sweatshirts. Unfortunately there…
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9 weeks ago by dalcrose

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