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ShowFood Chef: Bacon Studded Polenta with Tomato Gravy - Ciao, Yawl!
1/4 c. butter or bacon fat; 1/4 c. flour - roux. add 2 c. stock and 2-3 tomatoes (peeled, chopped, seeded)
tomato  gravy  southern  try  polenta  bites 
15 hours ago by pegasus505
The Life of the Party: Marinated Shrimp and Artichokes – Home is Where the Boat Is
one of rhe best recipes from 2011
uses italian dry salad dressing
8 hrs to 2 days
author likes 12 hours
marinated  shrimp  artichokes  southern  living  feta 
8 weeks ago by pegasus505
Collard Green Lasagna Recipe | Food Network
Really saving this for the collard greens recipe but the lasagna does look good too
Recipes  DDD  Southern  collardgreens  greens  lasagna  fusion  pasta  baked  comfort 
8 weeks ago by lala7625

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