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Not all large new development going offshore
The wind turbines appear up ahead as drivers travel west on Route 6 from Providence, rising high on a hill over Johnston.
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In Massachusetts, a tight race against winter to replace gas lines
The reminders of last month’s gas explosions are everywhere in the Merrimack Valley. It’s difficult to go more than a few blocks here without seeing workers in neon yellow safety vests digging up streets and yards, heading into basements, loading new appliances into trucks.
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Bay State Wind alters proposal to allow more distance between turbines
As offshore wind companies jockey for position in preparation for Massachusetts’ next round of bidding, Bay State Wind announced an adjustment to its proposal earlier this week.
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Communities around NH nuke plant want info on evacuation - News - - New Bedford, MA
Residents living near nuclear power plants typically receive an important — albeit ominous — notice each year explaining what should be done in the event of an emergency.
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Vineyard Wind visits Brayton Point
Representatives of the company that has been selected to negotiate with the state to develop the first large offshore wind farm in the United States visited the former Brayton Point power plant property on Monday where they met with state legislators and representatives of the company that owns the property and toured and site.
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FAQ: What you need to know about the offshore wind decision
A: Vineyard Wind LLC. Based in New Bedford, the limited liability company is jointly owned by two investors: Danish investment company Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), which specializes in energy infrastructure, and Avangrid Renewables. Avangrid Renewables is a subsidiary of Avangrid, a Connecticut-based electricity, natural gas and wind company with operations in 27 U.S. states. Avangrid is part of energy company Iberdrola of Spain.
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Bay State Wind gives Mass. workers commitment they've waited for
Offshore wind became a focus for Massachusetts more than 10 years ago, and I have been caught up by it and am now engaged in the process of making it a reality for the state. Since my involvement I’ve had the great privilege of learning from some of the industry’s top minds, which has helped me understand the tremendous benefit offshore wind could have for the residents of Southeastern Massachusetts and the entire state. Not only will offshore wind generate clean, renewable energy, but it will also create a robust supply chain, complete with job creation and training that will position Massachusetts as the hub of a new American energy industry.
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Brayton Point chosen for wind turbine foundation factory
Turbine foundations will be built at Brayton Point in Somerset if Bay State Wind receives a Massachusetts contract for offshore wind, a company spokeswoman said Thursday.
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LETTER: Expanding natural gas pipelines is not the right energy solution - Opinion - - New Bedford, MA
Rick Kidder’s op-ed, “Powering our march towards a renewable future,” (May 2) is accompanied by a beautiful photo of Block Island wind turbines, but his message is all about promoting natural gas pipelines. He argues that we need more pipelines to ensure our energy supply, decrease costs and limit greenhouse gas emissions. He is wrong on all three counts.
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Our View: Massachusetts takes a shot at local energy generation
From a variety of perspectives, offshore wind development in Massachusetts has been an excruciatingly slow and risk-laden process. Achievements along the way have come years apart and only after extensive research, countless negotiations, and unwavering commitment from individuals and groups who early on recognized the energy potential in the state’s offshore wind.
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Vineyard Wind files environmental report with state - News - - New Bedford, MA
One of the three offshore wind energy projects competing for a long-term contract in Massachusetts filed its draft environmental impact report with the state Environmental Policy Act office on Tuesday.
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Southcoast Health potential customer for Bay State Wind
One of the three groups vying for a long-term offshore wind energy contract has lined up a potential local customer.
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Selection of offshore wind providers delayed one month
Faced with a Monday deadline to select a project that can deliver between 400 and 800 megawatts of offshore wind energy to the Bay State, utility companies working with the state instead have extended their deadline a month, until May 23.
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Our View: It's important to award offshore wind bids in near future
The bad news is that the state might not make its April 23 date for announcing its first offshore wind contract or contracts. The good news is that Gov. Charlie Baker said this week that the decision will probably come some time in May.
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YOUR VIEW: Offshore wind can do for New Bedford what it did for Hull-Grimsby
Ten years ago, the Hull-Grimsby economy lay nearly dormant. Once the United Kingdom’s most important fishing ports, Hull and Grimsby — located on England’s northeast coast — were deep into a decades-long slide that reflected a decline in commercial fishing thanks to a shrinking cod catch and a steep loss of manufacturing jobs.
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Fishing groups back New Bedford as wind liaison - News - - New Bedford, MA
Fishing officials are calling for the New Bedford Port Authority to be the “central facilitator” for discussions between the offshore wind industry and fishermen.
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april 2018 by eversourcenh
Official: Delay possible in offshore wind timeline
After dropping one bidder in favor of another to stay on schedule with a major hydropower procurement, it appears a separate procurement, for offshore wind energy, may be delayed.
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april 2018 by eversourcenh
Moving toward Massachusetts' 100 percent sustainable future
Already a national leader in advances toward renewable energy, Massachusetts-based companies and nonprofits are working with local government to blaze forward, toward the goal of 100 percent dependence on renewable energy sources like solar and wind power by 2035.
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april 2018 by eversourcenh
Vineyard Wind project sparks divisions - News - - New Bedford, MA
Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Matthew Beaton has cautioned that the environmental review Vineyard Wind is undergoing for its underground cables is to encourage public participation and help state agencies. The review won’t stop a project in its tracks, he said.
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