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Barnstable wary of proposed Vineyard Wind project - News - - New Bedford, MA
Toxic transformer fluids could pollute drinking water if leaks occur at a substation where an offshore wind energy developer plans to connect to the region’s electric grid, according to an attorney for the town of Barnstable.
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Bay State Wind helps local families - News - - New Bedford, MA
Hundreds of local families will have a hearty Thanksgiving meal, thanks in part to $5,000 in donations from offshore wind developer Bay State Wind.
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Are more natural gas pipelines needed for cold regions?
Hundreds of thousands of miles of oil and natural gas pipelines crisscross the United States, safely delivering the energy that fuels transportation, powers manufacturing and keeps the lights on at homes and businesses.
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Dartmouth man joins Vineyard Wind management - Special - - New Bedford, MA
Vineyard Wind, an offshore wind energy developer vying to build the first utility-scale project off the coast of Massachusetts, has hired Dartmouth resident Jack Arruda to serve as technical development manager for the company.
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july 2017 by eversourcenh
Labor, environmentalists tout first U.S. offshore wind farm
With the country’s first offshore wind farm up and running for the past six months, labor and environmental advocates are looking toward future collaborations on even larger projects.
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june 2017 by eversourcenh
Your View: With the chance to lead on wind, Massachusetts dithers
It’s not been easy, but the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is on the verge of blowing our competitive lead on offshore wind. We were going to build the first offshore wind in the nation. Rhode Island beat us to it. Then we were going to build the first “commercially scaled” offshore wind farm in America. Maryland and New York are moving faster.
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june 2017 by eversourcenh
Brayton Point goes dark
After more than a half-century, New England’s largest fossil fuel power generating plant, which became infamous as one of its biggest polluters, came to an official and definitive end at midnight, May 31.
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Supply chain would provide tailwind to offshore energy
If an offshore wind industry is to succeed in Massachusetts, it will require both competition and cooperation among developers and among states, and investments in port infrastructure that can help drive down the cost of future projects, a panel of offshore wind experts agreed Thursday.
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may 2017 by eversourcenh
Spring will tell the fate of drought-stressed trees
The report cards are coming out on how we cared for our trees last summer.
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april 2017 by eversourcenh
Power plant looms in 2017 for Somerset
Town officials saw 2016 as a year in which people worked together in a positive climate in Somerset and think that could only help them as they face 2017 as the year that the town's largest taxpayer for many years, the Brayton Point power plant, could close.
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january 2017 by eversourcenh
Wind power picking up steam in region's coastal waters
The name of the game in the offshore wind power industry in the Northeast is becoming “data collection.”
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november 2016 by eversourcenh
Letter: Another way to vote for green energy - Opinion - - New Bedford, MA
According to Steve Urbon’s recent article, Eversource withdrew its applications for long-term natural gas contracts related to the Spectra pipeline and LNG storage facilities, but has not given up on these contracts. Rather, the company "is in the process of reviewing its options on how to finance the project but has reached no conclusion.”
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august 2016 by eversourcenh
Utilities behind pipeline look to reestablish mass 'contribution' - News - - New Bedford, MA
National Grid and Eversource Energy this week withdrew applications for long-term gas capacity contracts in the wake of a Supreme Judicial Court decision, but a new letter to policymakers reinforces the utilities' commitment to the Access Northeast pipeline project.
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Letter: Energy bill needs carbon fee - Opinion - - New Bedford, MA
Thank you for covering the issue of climate change and the energy bill currently making its way through the state Senate. It is certainly gratifying that senators are pushing to increase the amount of renewables demanded by the bill to motivate more private investment. With the proposed improvements, this bill will help Massachusetts continue moving in the right direction.
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july 2016 by eversourcenh
Letter: Legislators must reject pipeline tax - Opinion - - New Bedford, MA
A recent editorial ("Our View: Focus on energy leadership," June 28) correctly praises the state House and Senate for proposed legislation to find a long-term solution to reduce our greenhouse emissions by increasingly relying on wind, solar and other clean initiatives.
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july 2016 by eversourcenh
LNG committee begins drafting report - Special - - New Bedford, MA
With its research into the potential impacts of the proposed expansion of the Eversource liquefied natural gas storage facility completed, the Acushnet Citizens Advisory Committee on LNG has started working on a report to the Board of Selectmen. The proposed LNG facility will be the only item on the Select Board’s agenda on June 27. The presentation will include recommendations for further investigation and possible actions, LNG committee chairman and Fire Chief Kevin Gallagher said Tuesday. He said bound copies of the report and a PowerPoint presentation will be prepared for that meeting. Selectmen had originally requested the report be filed by June 20, but recently pushed that deadline back a week.
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Letter: Keep clean energy jobs in US - Opinion - - New Bedford, MA
The newly released energy bill from the Massachusetts Legislature is a good start ("Offshore wind gets boost in energy proposal," May 24.). The bill commits Massachusetts to getting 1,200 MW of its future energy supply from offshore wind, signaling support for an industry that could create hundreds of new jobs on the SouthCoast. But it falls short of the 2,000 MW that experts say is needed to create economy of scale.
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june 2016 by eversourcenh

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