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RBF Africa Outcomes Report
Under the theme 'Transforming Africa’s development through innovation, youth and technology', the Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development, co-organised with the United Nations Development Programme, brought nearly 400 delegates together in Johannesburg, to share recommendations and collaborative approaches to some of Africa’s most pressing development issues.
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▶ The Jet Set Breakfast, 1 Sep INTERVIEW - UNSCHOOLING · SAfm -
"Further to our previous conversation regarding unschooling and homeschooling, we spoke to Zakiyya Ismael to get a better understanding of this"
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Informative description by two leading Africa policy analysts of land reform debate in and implication…
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Neal Froneman: SA is near the point of no return
Comments reflect industry concern about whether the latest charter can reconcile the expectations of the ANC’s constituency and the need to attract investment into a deeply troubled sector
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Not white genocide, not really land reform, not really farmers
This week the far right South African white genocide meme went mainstream via a Trump tweet, but apart from ‘no it’s not really white genocide’ fact checking there’s been little discussion of what’s actually going on
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