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Today i switched off a hidden legend in . In service non-stop until yest., it’s had 100% uptime for 8ye…
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Has set-top box reached its sell-by date? | ITWeb
Government encourages households that don't qualify for subsidised decoders to consider integrated digital TVs, signalling possible changes in the approach to digital migration.
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27 days ago by stevesong
Kwandwe Private Game Reserve,Port Elizabeth,South Africa
In 2018 the overall winner of Best Safari Experience was Kwandwe Lodge in South Africa. Kwandwe is located in the Eastern Cape Area and is made up of 26 rooms – a mixture of lodges and villas – over 22,000 hectares. Kwandwe Private Game Reserve is a renowned conservation and community success story. Comprising just 26 rooms split across five intimate and award-winning safari lodges and villas, Kwandwe provides understated luxury and one of the highest land to guest ratios in South Africa’s spectacular Eastern Cape region. Dedicated to providing a superior and authentic safari experience, led by an award-winning team of highly qualified and experienced rangers, activities on the reserve are diverse and offer both young and old the opportunity to create lifelong memories.
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4 weeks ago by doglord
South African phones targeted by notorious ‘governments only’ spyware | News | National | M&G
Electronic devices infected with Pegasus, a notorious spyware program sold only to governments, have been discovered in South Africa. The spyware, developed by Israeli cyber warfare firm NSO Group, has been used to target journalists and human rights activists across the world.
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6 weeks ago by corrickwales
How Will Climate Change Affect Politics? - The Atlantic
Climate change is going to revolutionize politics in cities across the world.
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7 weeks ago by lgtout

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