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Evelyn J Lamb – Inka History in Knots (Book Review)
Khipus record information in ways I found surprising. Aside from the numbers of knots and their positions on a khipu, the color, direction of twisting, and perhaps even fiber composition of the cords may also have had meaning. The concept of duality, which was important to the Inka people, may be encoded in khipu. If and when we are able to interpret narrative khipu, they may record stories or histories in ways that are completely unlike European linear, chronological narratives.
khipu  history-of-mathematics  math  south-america  inka  inca 
10 weeks ago by tarakc02
Photographer And His Wife Plant 2 Million Trees In 20 Years To Restore A Destroyed Forest And Even The Animals Have Returned | Bored Panda
"You need forest with native trees, and you need to gather the seeds in the same region you plant them or the serpents and the termites won’t come. And if you plant forests that don’t belong, the animals don’t come there and the forest is silent.”"
inspiration  advice  forest  world  south-america 
april 2019 by ssam
Why Delivery Apps From UberEats To Rappi Are Taking Over Latin America
"As a result of the confluence of these factors--widespread demand coupled with a cheap supply of labor, a concentrated consumer population, infrastructure supporting the two-wheeled distribution system, growing smartphone adoption, and more--delivery companies in Latin America have been able to build businesses different and better from a consumer point of view than in other regions. Not only is delivery significantly more affordable, but in many cases the scope of services offered is unparalleled, making on-demand delivery too attractive of a proposition for consumers to pass up. The Rappi app for example not only offers food and groceries, but also includes on-demand services ranging from personal training to healthcare to even withdrawing cash from an ATM and delivering it."

"The industry is marked by razor thin margins, and complex operations and logistics. While based in Bogota, I saw first hand how much down-time delivery drivers have, lounging and waiting for orders especially during off-peak hours in the afternoon and early evening. Countless numbers of drivers sit in public spaces or even exercise outdoors to fill the time."
microeconomics  case  study  example  Rappi  LatAm  South-America  Colombia 
march 2019 by dandv
US Regime Change Blueprint Proposed Venezuelan Electricity Blackouts as 'Watershed Event' for 'Galvanizing Public Unrest' | The Grayzone
Guaido’s rise to prominence – and the coup plot that he has been appointed to oversee – is the product of a decade-long project overseen by the Belgrade-based CANVAS outfit.
imperialism  south-america 
march 2019 by foliovision
How to Not Get Sick in South America | Ecuador Abroad
Prefer well-cooked foods
Wash & sanitize hands often
Avoid fresh veggies/fruit; if you buy them, bleach them
Avoid street food
travel  health  advice  against  South-America 
march 2019 by dandv
Military Intervention and Mercenaries, Inc. (MIAMI)
in November 1982, Jordán’s unit entered the village of Dos Erres where Jordán ordered his men to systematically kill the men, women and children of the village, raping the women and girls, before hitting the villagers in the head with sledgehammers and throwing them into the village well.
cia  south-america  imperialism 
march 2019 by foliovision
Best Things to Do in Baños, Ecuador: 3 Day Itinerary | Ecuador Abroad
Excellent! No suggestions about where to stay though. The guy is a local expat.
Banos  travel  guide  Ecuador  South-America  adventure  canyoning  rappelling  waterfalls  pools 
march 2019 by dandv
Complete Guide to Hot Springs in Baños, Ecuador | Ecuador Abroad
Cool classy spa overlooking the town: Luna Runtun, $20/4h, with cocktail delivery and restaurant
2travel  water  pools  South-America  Ecuador  soak 
march 2019 by dandv
..: What are Israeli Army Reconnaisance Teams doing in Patagonia :..
The activities of the Jewish "tourists" and the foreigners who buy whatever available property is clearly seen by the Chilean people and these subjects are matter of much controverse and discussion, but what is not clear for the Chileans from Patagonia is the future. What will happen later? What will happen to them if the Jews become the majority in Patagonia and start talking about building a new Jewish state there?
zionism  israel  south-america 
january 2019 by foliovision

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