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Glitch Delay is a DIY module you can make - and it makes lovely music - CDM Create Digital Music
" All the source code for the Glitch Delay is shared on GitHub, along with the schematics, etc. I’ve learned from lots of schematics that other people have shared, so I like to share in return.

I used the Glitch Delay extensively on my album, and also made this video to demonstrate some of the effects I’ve made processing an old autoharp."
delay  hardware  open  source  music  audio  effect 
yesterday by ssam
quick source code syntax highlighting
enter code in many source languages, pick a theme, get syntax-highlighted output
tools  browser  source  formatting  markdown 
7 days ago by dmart
Processing Source
Source code of the processing infrastructure
source  code  processing  github 
7 days ago by edzard
rust-lang/rust.vim: Vim configuration for Rust.
This is a Vim plugin that provides Rust file detection, syntax highlighting, formatting, Syntastic integration, and more.
rust  github  vim  plugin  source  tips  tool  opensource  license.apache 
7 days ago by ezequiel

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