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Is Music the Key to Understanding Bourbon?
In 1932, the wine critic and classical scholar H. Warner Allen described the Latour 1869 this way: “The palate recognized a heroic wine, such a drink as might refresh the warring archangels, and the perfection of its beauty called up a noble phrase ‘terrible as an army with banners.’”
wyoming  whiskey  tasting  spirit  sounds  larkin  cristen 
5 days ago by pegasus505
BBC Sound Effects - Research & Education Space
These 16,000 BBC Sound Effects are made available by the BBC in WAV format to download for use under the terms of the RemArc Licence.
archive  audio  bbc  sound  sounds  soundeffects  ambience 
5 days ago by fabianmohr
Tabletop Audio
Website with lots of ambient sounds to use in your RPG adventure.
dnd  rpg  sounds  ambient  music  via:oliverschwarz 
13 days ago by tanminivan
Rythm - The Best Free Discord Music Bot
Discord bot to handle music and sounds in a discord channel.
discord  bot  music  sounds 
18 days ago by oliverschwarz
Tabletop Audio
Website with lots of ambient sounds to use in your RPG adventure.
dnd  rpg  sounds  ambient  music 
18 days ago by oliverschwarz
A Soft Murmur
Mix ambient sounds together to wash away distraction and help you focus or relax
productivity  tool  focus  music  audio  radio  sounds  sound  via:devghost 
21 days ago by tribbles

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