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Ear of the PIG by Gill Chang | Free Listening on SoundCloud
I made this track for a friend and his dance crew so they can perform it live at the annual chinese new year parade in San Francisco! alt DL link ~
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4 hours ago by LedParade
a mixtape about cheating by FS GREEN | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Despite all the pain, tears and broken hearts as a result of fooling around on a partner, I want to shine some light on the great music and comedy that has emerged from the ashes of the cheat. Here's my ode to infidelity in the form of a 40-minute mixtape. Indulge, but don’t tell your lover. ...
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yesterday by LedParade
Gunnar Haslam - Cacique De Poyais (taken from 133DSR) by Delsin Records | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Gunnar Haslam - Cacique De Poyais (taken from 133DSR) by Delsin Records Forthcoming: Digital Pre-Order: "thirteen intriguing minutes of rumbling low key grooves. It’s dark and shadowy, full of menace and the sort of elongated bit of deep techno hypnosis to take you in on yourself" Gunnar Haslam - Cacique De Poyais Delsin Records (133dsr) a1. Cacique De Poyais b1. Port Sommeil b2. Azote Du Guano
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3 days ago by stringbot
TM404 live at Paral·lel Festival 2018 by Tilliander/TM404/Mokira/ | Andreas Tilliander | Free Listening on SoundCloud
TM404 live at Paral·lel Festival 2018 by Tilliander/TM404/Mokira/ Live set recorded Sunday 12:00 - 13.30, September 2nd 2018 in the nature on a mountain during the wonderful Paral·lel Festival, Spain. TM404 is available for live and DJ sets. Please contact
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4 days ago by stringbot
The Bunker Podcast 187: Nihar by thebunkerny | The Bunker | Free Listening on SoundCloud
The Bunker Podcast 187: Nihar by thebunkerny Nihar (@niharb)has been DJing and producing original music as part of the bay area electronic music scene for more than a decade. He’s been a resident of a number of legendary San Francisco DJ crews including Surface Tension, Warm Leatherette and Haçeteria. He recently founded T.V.O.D., an event series that he curates alongside Jason Polastri and the Creatrix. He’s also an affiliate of the East Bay’s renowned Club Chai collective. Nihar is known for high intensity DJ sets that draw from an eclectic blend of global rhythmic influences and elements. As a producer, he infuses his studio work and live performances with this same sensibility. Nihar’s first full length album, Chrysalis, was released in July 2018 on Jacktone Records. His next release is coming on NYC’s Primitive Languages label later in 2019. Nihar is also the co-label head (with Chris Zaldua) of Left Hand Path, which has been featured in The Wire, Resident Advisor, Fact Magazine and in other publications for it’s incredible track record of releases. Left Hand Path has a string of records coming in 2019, some of which are featured in this mix. Tracklist: R.A.N. - Sabah - (Karlrecords) ASC - Sidereal - (ASC) Ciarra Black - By Design - (Allergy Season) Mor Elian - Dysmorphia - (Hypercolour) Simo Cell - Stop The Killing - (Livity Sound) E L O N (Elon Katz) - The Wig (Forthcoming Left Hand Path) Ose – drown out the noise with your silence - (Forthcoming Ghunghru) Hontos - Floor Surgery - (Bank) Grag Z - Demonstration - (Bizaar Bazaar) Sem - Bonus II - (Electron Industries) Sawf - Kofta - (Vanila) Ontal - Mudflow - (Pielectronics) EON - Kufunga - (Forthcoming New York Tracks) MA - Fū - (Semantica) Deity Presents "The Psychist" (The Creatrix + Nihar) - Queso Macha (Demon Mix) - (Unreleased) Bhakta - Prayer - (Sammasati Music) Yantra - 360 Electric Breakout Mix - (Music Man Records) Fumiya Tanaka - for set # 1b - (Torema Records) a maze - bury me with a radio - (a maze) Thee Source - None Shall Pass -Xanopticon Remix - (Katabatik) Auton - Without Hindrance - (Forthcoming Left Hand Path) Orphx - Pain Is A Teacher - (Sonic Groove) Bonaventure - Mentor - (Planet Mu) Balasa - Teri Duniya - (Drum Mix) – (Basala) DJ Speedsick - Soviet Clone – (Bank) Liquid Asset - in laboratory - (Unreleased) Nihar - Voices - (Forthcoming Primitive Languages) Oscar Mulero - Unveiling of Reality – (Polegroup) James Ruskin - Work (BP Mix) – (Blueprint) Jeff Mills - Late Night (Mills Remix) – (Tresor) Masaki Uchida - Logos (Rico Casazza remix) – (Loose Lips)
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4 days ago by stringbot
W&F 012: ALALA ONE by Walking and Falling | Free Listening on SoundCloud
W&F 012: ALALA ONE by Walking and Falling Alala One (@alalaone)- DJ, producer and all-around staple of the Colorado techno scene - is our contributor for the month of February. She has been DJing for over 15 years and collecting records for longer - and her mixes, needless to say, reflect her refined talent as a selector. But her work within the scene has not been limited to DJing; she's also been intimately involved with the curation and production of the respected (but recently retired) Boulder-based festival Communikey. With beginnings playing parties for CO's long-running collective Mother Earth Sound System (MESS), she's spent years immersed in her passion and has since spun alongside Nina Kraviz and DJ Stingray, just to name a few. For her, DJing is a craft, and this cross-genre mix, which blends compelling, leftfield techno with off-kilter electro cuts, creates a deep listening experience that is fresh, surprising, and highly engaging. It' Enjoy!
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5 days ago by stringbot
RDC 024 - Wata Igarashi by Rainbow Disco Club | Free Listening on SoundCloud
RDC 024 - Wata Igarashi by Rainbow Disco Club Wata Igarashi will be playing as DJ NOBU × Wata Igarashi at RDC2019 Sat 27 -Mon 29 April 2019
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8 days ago by stringbot
Clay Wilson - 951beat 007 by 951beat | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Clay Wilson - 951beat 007 by 951beat ---------- REPOST THIS MIX and FOLLOW SOUNDCROUD - THANKS! ------- @
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9 days ago by stringbot
17. Grant Aaron by Beyond / Below | Free Listening on SoundCloud
17. Grant Aaron by Beyond / Below Beyond / Below 17 by @insideout of @mysteriesofthedeep. Received January 2019. Photo by Candace Price "Listening to this mix is like sailing into a horizon at dawn. It draws you towards a steady line perpetually in view, creating an experience of both distance and nearness. You realize you will never reach the line but that’s ok — it was always there, hovering within you. This is not about arriving at any kind of external destination. It’s about presence. The sun draws its pastel curtain and day imperceptibly emerges. The water is glass; you don’t even notice that you’ve been out on it for a long time. When you let yourself float, transcendence becomes attainable. There are no high crests or crashing waves here — instead only a center point that invites you to focus deeply and let go." -- Taylor Bratches 1. Donnacha Costello - One Year Later 2. Project STS-3 - Spiralgalaxie 3. Porn Sword Tobacco - A1 4. Deep Catalogue - Glass Airport 5. Unjin - Untitled Space 6. Ekin Fil - Nocturnal Arc 7. Isorinne - Evighetsarp 8. Harold Budd - Abandoned Cities 9. Sunroom - A Soft Breeze 10. Terre Thaemlitz - Aging Core, Aging Periphery 11. Aleksi Peralä - UK74R1512020
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11 days ago by stringbot
Guardian. (w/ galva + William.)[spotify in desc.] by harlyyn. | Harlyyn | Free Listening on SoundCloud
July 27th, 2018 Decided to switch it up a bit. Artwork by @sleepycatt @harlyyn @galvamusic @williamfullstop Download for free on The Artist Union
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11 days ago by LedParade
9mm by Rome in Silver | Free Listening on SoundCloud
This is a remix of Señorita by Vince Staples. Vince is a legend, if you know me you know I'm a big fan. Support @vince-staples-official Art by Matt Nelson This is the second song in my 'Catch This .Wav' series. Next installment comes 5/16 Love you all so much, thank you for the continued support!
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11 days ago by LedParade
Blocked by tinyghost | Free Listening on SoundCloud
had this for too long so time to release. Available on Bandcamp:
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11 days ago by LedParade
Mental by DELAY. | Free Listening on SoundCloud
"In this day and age it's hard to keep your sanity with everything going on in the world. That combined with your own personal hardships you deal with everyday doesn't make things easier. Sometimes it just feels like you're going mental. This song represents that exact state of mind. It sounds chaotic like our life can be sometimes, but in the end we choose to see the beauty it offers, which ultimately keeps us going. There will be times that you feel like giving up entirely, just because of circumstances around you. It's certainly hard to stay positive during those times, but in the end it's up to you to seek the light at the end of the tunnel." - Mental by DELAY. Stream/Buy: More music coming soon. Stay tuned! --- --- Artwork by me
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11 days ago by LedParade
How SoundCloud Rap Took Over Everything | GQ
The trendy DIY teen hip-hop genre went from a goofy punch line to the preposterously lucrative engine driving a whole new golden age in the music biz. But, wow, is it messy.
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11 days ago by inspiral

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