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A Soft Murmur
Sonidos que ayudan a la concentración
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2 minutes ago by Wentrukona
A Sound You Can't Unhear (and What It Says About Your Brain)
She starts with a clip that's been digitally altered to sound like jibberish. On first listen, to my ears, it was entirely meaningless. Next, Das plays the original, unaltered clip: a woman's voice saying, "The Constitution Center is at the next stop." Then we hear the jibberish clip again, and woven inside what had sounded like nonsense, we hear "The Constitution Center is at the next stop."

The point is: When our brains know what to expect to hear, they do, even if, in reality, it is impossible. Not one person could decipher that clip without knowing what they were hearing, but with the prompt, it's impossible not to hear the message in the jibberish.

This is a wonderful audio illusion.
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1 hour ago by zzkt
The Sound That Haunted Diplomats in Cuba? Crickets
These noises sound strange, unnatural, and even mechanical because most of us have absolutely no idea what the vast majority of animals sound like. Here, for example, are some lynx that (starting about 40 seconds in) wail like drunk banshees.
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1 hour ago by zzkt
Hempton went on to make a vocation of listening. He discovered that the use of a microphone turned him into a better listener, because he learned to take his cue from that tool, which didn’t judge the relative value of the different sounds it was absorbing. Having always in the past striven to listen for the “important” sounds, Hempton stopped trying to prioritize based on his own limited perspective and discovered the majesty of the uncurated soundscape.

In beginning to hear without privileging certain sounds over others, he found that every place on earth has a unique sonic character. But, intriguingly, Hempton defines his different experiences of geographically specific auditory signatures as experiences of silence, which he calls the “poetics of space.”
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yesterday by zzkt
AKM-freie Musik, Gemafreie Musik Downloaden, Lizenfreie Instrumentalmusik für Veranstaltung
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2 days ago by tbweb
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2 days ago by tbweb

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