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Please do shut up, Miss Stark
In which your soulmate's first words to you appear somewhere on your body, and, predictably, Tony's big mouth gets her everywhere. And by everywhere, she means Captain America.
fic  au  marvel  steve/tony  rule63  soulmate 
6 days ago by allieyy
and it would all come down to this (three points where two lines met)
Soulmarks AU where the first words the one you're soulbonded to are written on your skin.
fic  au  the.magicians  eliot/quentin  soulmate 
8 days ago by allieyy
Gold Tinted Spectacles (2015/16 edit) - beren - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry is about to enter his seventh year, and things are not quite what he expected. He is no longer the angry boy who watched his world fall apart at the end of his fifth year, but neither has he completely found his place yet. He is looking for something, and to his confusion it seems to involve Draco Malfoy.

Set for revelations that will shake his whole world view, Harry must deal with unstable magic, far too many secrets, love, kidnapping, his dead godfather, and of course Voldemort and his lackeys. It's going to be a busy year.
au  canon.divergent  creature!fic  f:hp  p:h/d  bond  soulmate 
6 weeks ago by miss_speller
Highly (in)Compatible - gracie137 - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Draco’s been shagging The Prat Who Lived on and off for a few months when his soul mark starts to change. Draco’s had to accept a lot of adjustments to his life, but accepting that Harry Potter could be his soulmate is one step too far. It can’t be true? Can it?
soulmate  f:hp  p:h/d  rating:nc-17  fuck!buddies 
7 weeks ago by miss_speller
A Thing Called Love - Chash - The 100 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"What's platonic?"

"It's soulmates but you don't want to kiss or anything. Just--" He pauses for so long she's not sure he's going to finish, but finally he says, "A best friend. Who's always there for you."


Clarke is ten when she punches her soulmate in the face.
f:the100  p:bellamy/clarke  soulmate  pining  modernday!au  au 
10 weeks ago by miss_speller
A Gift from the Gods - NotMyBestIdea - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It's the winter solstice and Stiles is going to meet his soulmate.
magic  fluff  rituals  soulmate  p:derek/stiles  f:teenwolf  au 
10 weeks ago by miss_speller
For Harry Hart's 16th birthday he not only gets his soul mark.

He gets a complete sentence.
fic  au  kingsman  eggsy/harry  soulmate 
11 weeks ago by allieyy
The Heavens Tumble, Darling, and I'm—
For most of Steve’s life, he’d been certain he was going to meet his soulmate by pissing him off. (Almost certainly a him, although the occasion of the WACs did cause Steve’s heart to stutter for more reasons than just the look of a girl in uniform.) He was sure that the conversation would go something like—

“Something something (probably something sassy), Mr. Soulmate.”

“Captain,” Capt. Soulmate would correct him.

Because that was all it said: Just “CAPTAIN”, all caps, no punctuation, in dark block letters that looked simultaneously angry and precise. So he could probably be forgiven for assuming that it was a correction for a misapplied form of address; after all, it couldn’t be someone addressing him as Captain, could it?



Life was very funny.
fic  au  marvel  steve/tony  soulmate 
11 weeks ago by allieyy
Holding Out For A Soulmate
Most folks who had a soulmate got their bond in their teens, at the cusp of adulthood. Steve sure hadn't, though.
fic  au  marvel  steve/tony  soulmate  series 
11 weeks ago by allieyy
Dean had figured out the problem. The reason no one could translate the name written on his arm was because it wasn't one. It was just a line of meaningless gibberish. He didn't have a match.
fic  au  supernatural  dean/castiel  soulmate 
december 2018 by allieyy
Umino Iruka is a badass and will kick your butt
Kakashi was fifteen when his soul mark appeared. Normally that type of thing would take about two seconds to be noticed in ANBU, but Kakashi’s soul mark wasn’t somewhere normal, like under his shoulder blade, or the back of his knee.

No, the words Umino Iruka is a badass and will kick your butt were printed directly down the line of his cheek.
fic  au  naruto  kakashi/iruka  soulmate  ng 
december 2018 by allieyy
Love's a Bond
Iruka was in the chuunin showers after a particularly messy B-rank mission when he first noticed the bondword on his left forearm.
fic  au  naruto  kakashi/iruka  soulmate 
december 2018 by allieyy
B-Movie Love Story
Iruka had barely touched the beer in front of him; it was the end of the school year, and he'd had a low grade headache for days. Somewhere halfway through this stack of student papers, the headache had kicked up into dizziness.
fic  au  naruto  kakashi/iruka  soulmate 
november 2018 by allieyy
A Series of Bad Ideas
Sometimes what Peter hated the most about being a superhero wasn't the late nights or the injuries, but the secret identity. It made something as easy as soulmates (literally finding someone with a matching wrist), nearly impossible.
fic  au  marvel  peter/wade  soulmate 
november 2018 by allieyy
write my name on your skin
A soulmate AU where soulmarks appear one letter at a time, and when Yuri wakes up on his birthday and sees the letter O on his arm, he tries not to wish that it continues into Otabek Altin.
fic  au  victor/yuuri  soulmate 
november 2018 by allieyy
Cut my feelings to the bone - gottalovev - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
They're back in Pegasus, once again intrepid space explorers, and John couldn't be happier (the hopeless pining after Rodney is fine, he's used to it). Unfortunately there's a catch: Atlantis starts acting up.
sentient!atlantis  pining  soulmate  rituals  f:sga  l:offworld  l:atlantis  p:rodney/john 
november 2018 by miss_speller
Red, White, and Gold
Tony doesn't believe in soulmates, no matter how much he wants to.
fic  au  marvel  steve/tony  soulmate 
november 2018 by allieyy
Scents and Sensitivities
Tony wasn't looking for his true mate when he walked into the store. It just happened that way.
fic  au  marvel  steve/tony  a/b/o  soulmate 
november 2018 by allieyy
They Don't Know How Long It Takes (Waiting For a Love Like This)
Everyone knows that soulmates have a 86% rate of successful marriages, but everyone also knows that for you to find your soulmate you'll need an incredible amount of luck and to go through the hardest, most marking moment of your life for the bond to kick in and call them to you.

If you're a werewolf, then you won't need to wait that long. Some people will say you just know, others will call bullshit.

Derek is four when he meets his soulmate and he doesn't know because no one will tell him. Not until he's older. And it'll be a bit of an unprecedent case given that he met his soulmate even before he was born.
fic  au  teen.wolf  derek/stiles  soulmate 
october 2018 by allieyy
You Smell So Divine, I Wanna Make You Mine
“No baby. You’re just predictable like that.”

“Am not.” He’s not pouting. He’s twenty-three and has a degree, he pays bills, he’s a grown man and a responsible werewolf, he does not pout.

“Ever since you caught that pretty scent the kids’ babysitter leaves behind you’ve been there like clockwork, Derrie. And don’t pout honey, it’s not attractive.”

“I’m not pouting,” he lies.

“Derek, sweetheart, that’s your pouting voice, don’t lie to your mother.”

Derek grumbles, “He smells like sunshine and pop tarts.” Like that’s an explanation for his behavior.


In which no one is dead, the Hale ladies are all sorts of amazing, soulmates and werewolves are a thing and there are stupid boys with stupid crushes on each other.
fic  au  teen.wolf  derek/stiles  soulmate 
october 2018 by allieyy

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