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Ikea Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker Review: The Cheapest Sonos Speaker | Tom's Guide
For less than $100, you can get an excellent-sounding Sonos speaker, sold by Ikea
Get the Ikea Symfonisk Bookshelf speaker if you want a Sonos speaker for less than $100.
Attractive design
Excellent audio
Lets you stream from lots of sources
Requires separate device to work with Alexa and Google Assistant.
When Ikea and Sonos team up for a new smart speaker, it's a bygga deal. The Symfonisk Bookshelf, a Sonos speaker in Ikea clothing, makes a great first impression. The audio quality of this ljuvlig-looking speaker is snӧflinga to sneeze at, and neither is its price: just $99, which makes it the least expensive Sonos speaker around. 
While the Symfonisk Bookshelf doesn't have the smarts of the Sonos One, you can control it with Alexa and Google Assistant. Plus, you can stream from all of the same audio sources as any other Sonos speaker, which is where half of its value lies. It's not as ambitious — or as polarizing — as the $179 Symfonisk Table Lamp, a speaker and lamp in one, but you can't beat the low price and fryken excellent quality of the Symfonisk Bookshelf.
sonos  wi-fi  speaker  ikea  review  smart_home 
8 days ago by rgl7194
The New Speakers from Sonos and IKEA Are Cheap, but Are They Worth It? | GQ
To find out, our reviewer put them to the Tracy Chapman test.
All products featured on GQ are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.
In WIRED’s review of the first Sonos speakers, the futuristically-named ZonePlayer S5, Mark McClusky said that there was “nothing better on the market if you're looking for a multiroom music system.” He also said that he couldn’t “get over the feeling that the cost is just too high for the company to go mainstream.” Most reviews of the $400 speaker echoed his conclusion: it's easy to set up, the multiroom and streaming functionalities work perfectly, it sounds great, but it just seems too expensive.
Sonos seemingly took this to heart and has spent the last decade mostly releasing cheaper entry points into their system (their line of soundbars notwithstanding). The Play:3 and the Play:1 both brought the functionality of Sonos speakers to their lowest ever prices. The $200 Sonos One, released in 2017, added a built-in voice assistant, which gave the company a little wiggle room to drop the price of the Play:1 down to $150. Sure, they all sounded a little worse than the ZonePlayer S5, which was mercifully renamed the Play:5 in 2011, but they still sounded good enough to compete with other speakers in the price range. Each of these speakers offered an excellent value for both someone looking to get into multiroom wireless and someone who needed a great speaker for one room of their house.
Sonos’ latest release, a collaboration with IKEA, attempts to continue this trend. The new SYMFONISK line is meant to offer a slight compromise on sound, but delivered in a high-value cheaper package. If the line only included the quirky table lamp, which costs $180 at the Swedish retailer, it would be the cheapest new Sonos speaker that’s ever been released. Unfortunately for our oblong friend, the line also happens to include the $100 bookshelf speaker, leagues cheaper than any of its predecessors. You can get two for the price of a new Sonos One, but I am not quite sure that you should.
sonos  wi-fi  speaker  ikea  review  smart_home 
8 days ago by rgl7194
The Ikea Symfonisk Versus the Sonos One Versus the Sonos Play:1
It felt confusing and excited when Ikea released two new speakers built by Sonos. They’re a little weird-looking, first of all. (One speaker is also a lamp!) But what’s really extraordinary is that Ikea is now selling a full-fledged Sonos speaker for $100. (It doubles as a shelf!) We tested this new Sonos speaker—the cheapest Sonos you can buy—against the $200 Sonos One to see if it can keep up. The answer is basically, surprisingly, yes.
The $100 speaker in question is the new Ikea Symfonisk wi-fi bookshelf speaker, co-designed and powered by Sonos. It’s a foot tall or long, depending on how you position it, and quite frankly, that size feels big compared to a Sonos One. The Symfonisk bookshelf speaker is outfitted with some mounts so that you can suspend it from a wall with a $20 bracket (sold separately), and Ikea designed it to be sturdy enough to support 6.5 pounds of weight. There’s also a hook mount that sells for $10. Either way, the Symfonisk bookshelf speaker can also become a little piece of furniture, which isn’t something you can say about the Sonos One.
sonos  wi-fi  speaker  ikea  review  comparo  smart_home 
8 days ago by rgl7194
Ikea’s Sonos Symfonisk speakers are available starting today | TechCrunch
The somewhat zany mash-up of Ikea and Sonos ended up providing great results, in the form of the Symfonisk line of wireless speakers, including the $99 Symfonisk shelf speakers and the $179 Symfonisk table lamp speaker. The speakers are both on sale today, starting at retail stores first, with online availability to follow later.
In case you missed it, our review found that these connected speakers, which work with all of Sonos’ other offerings, are a great value for people new to the Sonos system, or for anyone looking to build out their existing audio setup. The shelf speakers make great, affordable rears for surroundsound setups, and offer audio that isn’t quite up to par with the Sonos One, but that definitely won’t disappoint, especially if you pick up two and pair them for stereo sound.
The Symfonisk lamp is on par with the Sonos One when it comes to sound, and can offer smart lighting, too, when paired with Ikea’s Tradfri connected light bulbs. It’s a good-looking lamp in its own right, two, with a fabric cover and both light and dark finishes, depending on your decor preferences.
sonos  wi-fi  speaker  ikea  review  smart_home 
8 days ago by rgl7194
Sonos and Ikea’s Symfonisk wireless speakers are a symphony of sound and design | TechCrunch
The $99 Symfonisk bookshelf speaker and $179 Symfonisk table lamp speaker really deliver
Sonos and Ikea’s Symfonisk collaboration took a lot of people by surprise when it was announced earlier this year, but the match-up is less unlikely than it might appear at first glance. Ikea’s entire mission has been delivering practical, quality design concepts at price points that are more broadly accessible — and that’s exactly what it’s done with its collaboration with Sonos, albeit with sound instead of furniture. The new $99 Symfonisk Wi-Fi bookshelf speaker and the new $179 Symfonisk table lamp with Wi-Fi speaker both deliver the excellent performance and sound quality that’s expected from the Sonos brand, in beguilingly practical everyday designs created by Ikea.
sonos  wi-fi  speaker  ikea  review  smart_home 
8 days ago by rgl7194
IKEA SYMFONISK review: Sonos speakers at IKEA prices
Where quality meets affordability.
Although IKEA is mostly known as a purveyor of flatpack furniture and Swedish meatballs, it has dabbled in electronics as well. In years past, it's launched its own line of smart bulbs, Bluetooth speakers and a lamp with a built-in wireless charger. This year, it's upping the pedigree of its electronics offerings thanks to a partnership with Sonos. The new line of Sonos-powered speakers is called SYMFONISK -- apparently Swedish for "symphonics" -- and will feature two debut models: a bookshelf speaker and a 2-in-1 lamp-speaker combo. At just $99 and $179 respectively, the idea here is that they're able to offer Sonos-level quality without the Sonos-level price.
Performs double duty as a lamp and a speaker
Really solid audio quality
Affordable price
Stylish design
Doesn’t have a smart assistant
Light is not dimmable by default
The IKEA SYMFONISK lamp functions as both a light source and a Sonos-powered speaker. The sound quality is comparable with Sonos’s own Play:1. On the downside, you’ll need to get a smart bulb in order to dim the lights and control them remotely, and there’s no smart assistant on board. But overall, the lamp’s stylish design, affordable price point and stellar audio, makes this the better of the two debut SYMFONISK devices.
sonos  wi-fi  speaker  ikea  review  smart_home 
8 days ago by rgl7194
Sonos Ikea Symfonisk Review: A Sonos Speaker With Ikea's Good Looks | WIRED
The audio company teams up with the furniture giant on two new products: a bookshelf speaker and a combo lamp/speaker.
Elements of Ikea design blended with Sonos sound and voice control. Both Symfonisk speakers are designed to double as other home products and blend into the background. Like other Sonos speakers, you can play music and podcasts from more than 100 services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, and Deezer. The least expensive Sonos yet.
The lamp will only match certain home aesthetics. Or, maybe a dentist’s office. No built-in voice control microphones on these speakers, though you can link them to other voice-controlled Sonos. If you have Ikea smart lights and these Ikea Sonos speakers, you’ll have to use separate apps to control them in the short term.
OUR HOME LIVES are shrinking. Last year, the average size of new houses built in the US fell for the third straight year, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Worldwide, the UN expects more and more people to gravitate toward urban areas over the next 30 years. The smart homes of the future, then, may not involve thousands and thousands of square feet for networked appliances and gadgets, but rather internet-connected products that maximize the space they take up by serving more than one purpose.
That’s part of the thinking behind Ikea’s partnership with speaker maker Sonos, the result of which is a new line of audio products being released under the name Symfonisk. As a result of this new collaboration, your lamp is a Sonos speaker. So is your floating bookshelf, affixed to the wall. I have them both in my apartment. One of them, the bookshelf speaker, nearly disappears, hiding in plain sight. The lamp is much more … noticeable.
Ikea wants to ensure that its reputation evolves as our homes and lifestyles do, and partnering with Sonos a few years ago was part of that. Netherlands-based Ikea is known as much for its streamlined furniture aesthetic as it is for its not-so-streamlined furniture assemblies. As the company got into the smart-home space—first with connected light bulbs, then with smart blinds—it aimed to eliminate inconveniences. Sonos, a pioneer in wirelessly connected, great-sounding audio products, was an ideal match.
sonos  wi-fi  speaker  ikea  review  smart_home 
8 days ago by rgl7194
Ikea Symfonisk review: affordable, fun Sonos speakers - The Verge
The Symfonisk lamp and bookshelf speakers actually sound good, too
Sonos and Ikea are kicking off what has the makings of a long-term partnership in August. You can now purchase the Symfonisk table lamp speaker ($179) or Symfonisk bookshelf speaker ($99) from your local Ikea or from the home furnishing store’s website; these devices aren’t available from third-party retailers like Best Buy or even directly from Sonos. They look Ikea on the outside, but both are very much Sonos speakers on the inside and seamlessly integrate with other products in the company’s lineup like the Sonos One, Beam, Play:5, Play:1, and more.
The goal of the Symfonisk series is to put speakers in places (such as the bedroom) where you might not ordinarily want something that screams gadget. If you’ve got a partner who prefers to keep tech — even speakers — out of there, they might be more amenable to the idea of an Ikea-designed lamp that also happens to pull double duty as a great-sounding speaker.
As for the bookshelf speaker, well, it very much resembles a speaker. But right out of the gate, it becomes the most inexpensive Sonos speaker you can get. That’s a big deal in its own right. Does the newfound tag-team of Ikea and Sonos meet its potential? They’re off to a good start, with two debut products that are easily worth the money if they appeal to your design sense.
They also fully integrate with Ikea’s Tradfri smart home platform and Home Smart app. When Ikea’s smart blinds finally ship in October, you’ll be able to set up automated scenes that include the Symfonisk speakers. So in the morning, you can have the blinds go up, lights turn on, and music start playing automatically.
sonos  wi-fi  speaker  ikea  review  smart_home 
8 days ago by rgl7194
A sweet SYMFONISK duet from IKEA and Sonos - IKEA
Release the sound of your home
Just about everything in life is better with sound. Washing up, kicking back, flossing, Tuesdays – add your favorite soundtrack and they turn into something else completely.
Knowing what a powerful mood booster sound is – as important to the atmosphere at home as any rug, or art piece, or sofa – IKEA has set out to make great sound available for everyone.
In close collaboration with audio-experts Sonos we’ve created SYMFONISK – great-sounding, great-looking pieces of furniture that blend into the home in new ways and make it easier to furnish with sound.
sonos  wi-fi  speaker  ikea  smart_home 
8 days ago by rgl7194
SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker - black - IKEA
This speaker has a rich and vibrant sound that fills the entire room and allows you to create the right atmosphere at home.
The speaker is a collaboration between IKEA and Sonos, so it easily integrates with other products from Sonos.
Use the speaker as a shelf by mounting it on the wall with SYMFONISK speaker bracket, sold separately.
Hang the speaker on KUNGFORS rail or rack by using the SYMFONISK speaker hooks, sold separately.
You can stream music, podcasts and radio via Wi-Fi without interruptions from phone calls or notifications. The music keeps playing even when your phone or tablet is not around.
Supports all of the major music streaming subscription services.
You can control each speaker individually, so you can play music in one room while the children are listening to an audiobook in another one, or play the same sound throughout the home.
Compatible with Airplay 2 so you can stream audio directly from your Apple devices.
If you want stereo sound, you can buy two identical speakers.
You can use two identical speakers as rear speakers for a Sonos home theatre system.
The speaker's features will be enhanced through continuous software updates.
The services for streaming music vary between different regions, information about your region can be found on the Sonos website.
To control this AirPlay 2-enabled speaker, iOS 11.4 or later is required.
Apple and AirPlay are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the USA and other countries.
You control the speaker with the Sonos app.
M Warnhammar/A Fredriksson
sonos  wi-fi  speaker  ikea  smart_home 
8 days ago by rgl7194
SYMFONISK: Stereo Furniture by Sonos and IKEA | Sonos
Sonos has collaborated with IKEA on SYMFONISK, a range of WiFi speakers designed to democratize the home sound system. Combining our expertise in sound and technology with IKEA knowledge of home furnishing, SYMFONISK WiFi speakers seamlessly fit into the home to enhance everyday life and integrate with the Sonos system.
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8 days ago by rgl7194

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