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Primitive Politics - Better version
1. Each player starts the game with $100.

2. The game is player in a series of rounds. At the start of each round, each player contributes $10 to a central pool.

3. The Bank matches these resources dollar for dollar, placing an amount equal to the total contributed in the central pool.

4. Players may then bid for the central pool. Any player may big any amount, however large or small, but must place the amount of each big in front of her or him on the table. To raise a previous bid one must place the additional cash, corresponding to the increased bid, on the table.

5. The entire amount in the pool is paid to the player making the highest bid.

6. All bigs are forfeit, and returned to the Bank.

7. Any deals and side-payments between players are allowed.
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How to Play Primitive Politics
The first round begins with the following set of rules (which the players can change at any time):
1. Each player must ante up $5 to the central kitty (each player starts with $100).
2. The Bank matches the resources in the kitty dollar for dollar.
3. Players bid for the central kitty. Players must place the amount of each bid in front of him or
her on the table (but not in the kitty). If they wish to raise a previous bid they must place the
additional cash on the table. No bid may be withdrawn once made.
4. The entire amount in the kitty is paid out to the player making the highest bid.
5. ALL bids are forfeit and returned to the bank.
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yesterday by Jibarosoy
On Mars | Board Game | BoardGameGeek
In 2025, the first settlers arrived on Mars! The first small colonies developed and now, 10 years later, a group of very powerful space exploration companies are establishing a major colony ruled by a terrestrial organization, the OMDE (Organization for Mars Development and Exploration).

As an astronaut from a private space exploration company, you want to be a pioneer in developing the biggest, most advanced colony on Mars, achieving the OMDE goals as well as your company’s hidden agenda.

By bringing in and managing settlers, you’ll be able to explore, mine, build, power, and upgrade buildings.

You will lead the construction and assembly of farm domes, water compounds, and power generators.

Trade or buy in markets both locally and on Earth.

And in the end, become a self-sufficient colony independent of any terrestrial organization.

Do you dare to take part in mankind’s next biggest conquest?

Grab a piece of it for yourself!

The game starts with a small colony and a few buildings already built: the O₂ factory, shelters, a generator, a farm, and a water compound.
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yesterday by Jibarosoy
In U.S. and Europe, Migration Conflict Points to Deeper Political Problems - The New York Times
The anger, research suggests, often stems less from migration specifically than from a broader anxiety over social change. When people feel a sense of threat or a loss of control, they sometimes become more attached to ethnic and national identities.

For some people, the antipathy is explicitly racial. But for many others, the mere fact of cultural change itself can be unsettling. Immigration, unauthorized or otherwise, is just one of the changes that bring about a feeling of the loss of control. Economic dislocation, changes in social hierarchies and demographic change can all produce the same effect.

But when asylum seekers arrive without permission or warning, that can add to the sense of anxiety by making the border — perhaps the most obvious symbol of national identity and territorial protection — seem weak.

On both sides of the Atlantic, migrants and asylum seekers have become, for many voters, a symbol of the political establishment’s failure to protect them and their interests.
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25 days ago by Jibarosoy
Watch Plants Light Up When They Get Attacked - The New York Times
Plants have no eyes, no ears, no mouth and no hands. They do not have a brain or a nervous system. Muscles? Forget them. They’re stuck where they started, soaking up the sun and sucking up nutrients from the soil. And yet, when something comes around to eat them, they sense it.

And they fight back.
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29 days ago by Jibarosoy
Systems Thinking Tools: understanding hierarchy | Changing the Story
If you have to cross a desert with a “stiff-necked people” (Exodus 32:9), then perhaps a command and control hierarchy is needed.  Or if you are fighting a war, then perhaps power-over is the relationship of choice.  However if you are trying to create a sustainable society based on economic vitality, environmental quality AND social equity…..  the human hierarchy just isn’t adequate.  For example, (with apologies in advance to all of my fellow Roman Catholics who I may offend) I do not believe the Catholic Church will ever be fully successful sharing the message of peace, justice, forgiveness and love attributed to Jesus as long as it is organized as a command and control hierarchy.  As I stated at the beginning, If power-over is the dominant relationship in an organization, it will ALWAYS result in domination (at best) and oppression or abuse (at worst).
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Hierarchy, climate change and the state of nature, from @SymbiosisRev
In Western society, there are two prominent 'origin stories.' One is that of the Hobbesian ‘war of all against all,’ in which humans are innately vicious and violent, and only the introduction of strong authority could keep people's natural state in check.

The other story is that prior to the existence of civilizations, humans lived in egalitarian and mostly peaceful bands enjoying the natural abundance of nature. In this version, it was only with the development of agriculture and centralized societies that we fell from grace and became the violent and hierarchical creatures we are today.

Both stories share an assumption that pre-civilization humans can be painted with a broad brush, and that hierarchy - whether good or bad - can be traced to a natural evolution point in human history.

Thinkers like Rousseau, Spinoza, and Hegel weren't satisfied with the idea that hierarchy is natural. They asserted that humans have the capacity to be either hierarchical or egalitarian, depending on history and existing social structures, and that human beings are dynamic and not static: there is no single human nature.
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5 weeks ago by Jibarosoy
Myth Making as a Writing Exercise
Myths can be divided into several categories. One of the most popular, the creation myth, deals with the mysteries of how humankind became humankind. Sometimes, our species is created by a divine being. Other times, we wander onto the stage from the same shadowy realm as the divine beings themselves.
When humanity is not being created in a myth, it is frequently being destroyed in one. The end of the world, just like its beginning, can happen in a variety of different ways. Angry gods, cosmic catastrophes, and even plagues of zombies might be foretold in a powerful end-of-the-world narrative.
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5 weeks ago by Jibarosoy
Son Heung-min’s hopes of military reprieve rise as South Korea reach final | Football | The Guardian
Son Heung-min’s chances of avoiding compulsory military service increased after South Korea beat Vietnam to advance to the final of the Asian Games football tournament in Indonesia.

Under South Korean law all men have to carry out 21 months of military service before the age of 28 and the Tottenham forward, who turned 26 last month, had been running out of time. However, an Olympic medal earns sportsmen an exemption, as does winning gold at the Asian Games.

So if South Korea, the defending champions, can beat Japan in Saturday’s final, Son will be free to continue playing for Spurs and the national team.

Son featured as a substitute in Tottenham’s opening Premier League win at Newcastle but has since been absent in order to take part in the tournament, where he played in Wednesday’s 3-1 semi-final win over Vietnam in Cibinong. Two goals from Lee Seung-woo, the second of which was created by Son, and one from Hwang Ui-jo secured a comfortable victory.

“We are so close to gold,” Son said afterwards. “We fight for that. I don’t need to say anything, I am ready for that.

“We deserved to win, we had lots of chances to score. I think we are better players so we dominated the game.”
7 weeks ago by mattcheetham
A New Citizen Decides to Leave the Tumult of Trump’s America
Rebecca Mead on the wrenching choice, after decades in New York and securing U.S. citizenship, to return to Britain.
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