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Jamspot | Rehearsal space, gear rental and music lessons in Greater Boston, MA.
As New England’s largest and best known rehearsal com­pa­ny, JamSpot is famous for great rooms, great gear and excep­tion­al cus­tomer ser­vice. Our gor­geous, clean, com­fort­able and great sound­ing stu­dios are ful­ly equipped with high end gear from folks like Fend­er, Mar­shall, Ampeg, Yama­ha and Zild­jian, and per­fect for rehearsals or just jam­ming with friends. Come join the com­mu­ni­ty of musi­cians who play at JamSpot, where you can focus on your music and leave the rest to us.
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24 days ago by segfault
Now that is a luxury bird condo in . These developers, man. Out of control.
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6 weeks ago by mattgriffin
RT : The city of needs polling place workers for the Sept. 10 preliminary election. Must be a registered Mas…
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8 weeks ago by kevinriggle-twitter
Somerset County Transportation Guide Now Available
Are you looking for transportation in Somerset County? RideWise has created an online guide to help you find transportation options that meet your travel needs. The guide is organized by town and includes information on bus and train service, municipal shuttles, cost, where to board, and accessibility. To view the guide, click here, or the image below.
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9 weeks ago by andyhuey
Somerville, N.J.: A Walkable Suburban Alternative - The New York Times
A decade ago, there may not have been much to see in this Somerset County borough. But a building boom and downtown revitalization have changed that.
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9 weeks ago by andyhuey
Last Night the City Council unanimously passed a measure to extend voting to 16- & 17-year-olds. It's…
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may 2019 by cspanring
My changing neighborhood
Shep was my friend across the street’s dog. He was the friendliest dog ever, and the first dog I grew to love. My pal up the street also had a dog. His name was Fluffernutter, or Fluffy for short. Great friends, great dogs. Those friendly neighborhood dogs followed us everywhere, and came and went as they pleased.

I’ll never forget the kids from my street. Dickie, PJ, DJ (Shep’s owner), Jima, Jo Jo, Phil, and a kid we called Jello, just to name a few.
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april 2019 by madamim

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