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Ethiopia internet shutdown in eastern Somali region
The Ethiopian government has again cut internet access in in the country, this time in several cities across the country's eastern Somali region amid increasingly violent political clashes between the federal and regional governments. The cities of Jijiga, Dire Dawa, and Harar are among the affected areas, which have been without mobile and broadband internet for several days, Quartz reports.

Quartz: "Over the past weekend, federal troops were deployed to the eastern Somali regional state, leading to a standoff with local police, lootings, and death. The region’s leader Abdi Mohamoud Omar, better known as Abdi Iley, was forced to resign and replaced by his finance minister Ahmed Abdi Mohammed. Following the unrest, officials cut off internet access to the region, with no explanation from either the ministry of communications or the sole mobile operator and internet provider Ethio Telecom. The move is indicative of an old Ethiopian government trick, blocking the internet or access to specific social media sites like Facebook and Twitter during anti-government protests or unease...'People in eastern Ethiopia deserve better from the federal government,' Berhan Taye, who leads digital rights group Access Now’s Keep It On campaign, said on Twitter. 'Access to information and freedom of expression are not a luxury dispensed at the convenience of the federal government. They are constitutional rights.'"

An Access Now-led coalition sent a letter to Ethiopia's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) requesting that internet access be restored.
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Paul Ryan lied about Passing Bill to Pause Refugee Program
In a Wednesday interview with Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly, House Speaker Paul Ryan made a demonstrably false declaration about his efforts to pause the Somali refugee program.

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Somali "Pirate leader" on trial in Bruges
Mohamed Abdi Hassan is seen as the leader of a group of pirates responsible for hi-jacking countless vessels off the coast of Somalia. Belgian prosecutors are taking him to court for the hi-jacking of the Pompei, a vessel operated by the Belgian dredging company Jan De Nul. The crew of the vessel was only released after a ransom of two million euros was paid. Abdi Hassan was enticed to come to Belgium in 2013 after he was convinced that a film was to be made about his life as a pirate. The chief defendant was also active in Somali politics and when he was detained a high-ranking Somali official who was accompanying him was also arrested. Both men now face charges in Bruges.
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