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Chemical spill on Shattuck Street prompts hazmat response from Boston Fire
BOSTON - Boston Fire has responded to reports of a chemical spill at 20 Shattuck Street in the city, according to a tweet from the department. The announcement came at 4:43 p.m. on Monday afternoon.

The spill is considered to be a small chemical solvent spill on the buildings 10th floor. Boston Fire did characterize the event as Level 2 Hazmat and evacuated the floor along with the 11th and ninth for precautionary reasons.

Currently, there are not any injuries or exposures, according to Boston Fire.
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7 weeks ago by dchas
2 injured in Kanjikode factory blaze
Two persons were injured in a fire that gutted a chemical factory on the Kanjikode industrial estate, near Palakkad, on Thursday. The fire engulfed the thinner-making unit and raged for a few hours, keeping the Fire and Rescue Services at bay.

The injured were identified as Benny K. Andrews, a Fire and Rescue Services official, and factory worker Aruna from Kanjikode.

There were nine women workers at the factory when the accident occurred around 11 a.m. While Aruna suffered burns, the other women escaped unhurt. Both the injured were admitted to different hospitals.

The police said a can containing thinner caught fire while being loaded into a vehicle. It soon spread to the factory, burning nearly 40,000 litres of turpentine and causing intermittent blasts. The fire got fanned by wind, gutting two vehicles.
India  industrial  explosion  injury  solvent 
10 weeks ago by dchas
Fire claims four lives at garment unit in central Delhi’s Karol Bagh
Four died and two suffered minor injuries after a fire broke out at a garment manufacturing unit in central Delhi’s Karol Bagh on Monday afternoon. Of the deceased, one was a specially-abled man and two were women. A case has been registered and the owner of the factory has been arrested.

According to the fire fighters, a blaze sparked when one of the workers was using white solvent. He spilt the solvent while pouring it in a spray machine. The solvent caught fire from a steam iron that was placed close by. White solvent is a chemical used to clean fabric.

According to the fire official, a call about a fire at a garment pressing unit on the first floor of a house in Bidanpura area of Karol Bagh was received at around 12.15 pm. 

“Two fire tenders were rushed to the spot. The fire was not very big, however, the lanes were dingy and the fire brigade couldn’t go inside the lane. We found a house which had a two-faced opening through which the water hose were passed to reach the building,” said Atul Garg, Chief Fire Officer (CFO) from the Delhi Fire Services.
India  industrial  fire  death  solvent 
november 2018 by dchas
Several children, adults transported after exposure to paint thinner at Decker Elementary
AUSTIN, Texas — Authorities say at least 19 students and staff reported feeling sick from apparent chemical-related fumes during maintenance at a Central Texas school.
The Austin Fire Department initially blamed paint thinner fumes for Monday morning's incident at Decker Elementary School in Austin. Officials with the Manor Independent School District later said the fumes were from floor sealant.
No serious injuries were reported and all students hospitalized have been released.
Emergency medical personnel say 15 children and four adults were transported to several Austin hospitals, as a precaution, for treatment of minor medical complaints.
us_TX  education  release  injury  solvent 
november 2018 by dchas
Chemical blast at Thane factory spurs panic
A chemical blast occured in an Ambernath factory in Morivali, MIDC area, on November 5 at around 2pm. There were 13 workers in the factory who were rescued and there were no injuries. As per the Thane district disaster management cell, the fire took place at around 2pm. "There was a blast in the reactor of Persia chemical company," says the official on conditions of anonymity. "Eight fire brigade vehicles from Ambernath municipal council, Ulhasnagar and Kalyan Dombivli reached the spot and the fire has been brought under control," he added.

There were 13 workers inside the company who quickly rushed out and were saved. As the chemical company is near the railway track, train services were delayed in the afternoon. "There were many boilers and solvents inside the company so it took us time to bring the fire under control," says an official from KDMC (Kalyan Dombivli municipal corporation) fire brigade. "The cooling work is on and it will take us two to three hours more," he said.
India  industrial  explosion  response  solvent 
november 2018 by dchas
Environmental Health & Safety
DEHS responded to two unrelated chemical waste container explosions in laboratory settings. In both cases, incompatible materials were incorrectly added to waste containers. Over time, the waste containers developed pressure causing them to rupture with extreme force. One of the waste containers exploded underneath a fume hood and damaged containers of organic solvents that were stored nearby. The other container exploded in a fume hood. Chemicals and broken glass were blown throughout the laboratory in both cases and required specialized clean-up procedures at a cost of ~$2000.00 each. Although there was great potential for injury in both cases, no one was injured in either, therefore classifying these as near miss accidents.

It is imperative that all chemical waste containers are accurately labeled and properly stored to eliminate mixing of incompatible wastes. All laboratory staff must be trained in chemical waste management and thoroughly understand the waste streams generated from their experiments.

Liquid chemical waste should be stored in sealed plastic "LDPE Nalgene Carboys" or plastic coated glass containers in secondary containment bins. DEHS no longer recommends reusing glass reagent chemical bottles. For more information and training opportunities, please visit our web site at or contact the Chemical Hygiene Officer at 831-8475. In the event of a laboratory emergency or if incompatible materials are mistakenly added to a waste container, immediately contact DEHS at x8475 or University Police at 911 after hours.
us_DE  laboratory  explosion  response  solvent  waste 
october 2018 by dchas
Fire razes Ondo factory, destroys N100m worth of products
CHEMICAL products and other valuables worth over N100 million were razed by an inferno in a company, Megadot Nigeria Limited, Akure, Ondo state capital.

The company, located within the premises of the state Trade Fair Complex, Akure, housed chemicals used for the production of paints, wood finishers and  thinner lacquer, among others.

Sunday Vanguard learnt that the fire incident started around 10pm on Friday as a result of alleged power surge.

An eye witness account, Kolawole Bello, said that high voltage from public power source  caused the inferno, adding that” the timely response of  Fire Service men saved the Trade  Fair Complex from burning”.

Bello said the inferno started from the chemical company before extending to other places.
Nigeria  industrial  fire  response  paints  solvent 
september 2018 by dchas
Five Injured in Explosion and Fire at Pennsylvania Army Depot
An apparent explosion and resulting fire injured five people at an Army depot in southern Pennsylvania on Thursday, a military spokeswoman said. The cause of the blast was being investigated.

The explosion took place in the morning at the Letterkenny Army Depot, an 18,000-acre site in the borough of Chambersburg, Lisa Hunter, a spokeswoman for the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command, said in a statement.

It set off a fire in the “paint shop” of a building at the site, where paint and thinner are stored and mixed to eventually be sprayed on parts and other products, she said.
us_PA  industrial  explosion  injury  solvent 
july 2018 by dchas
Railcar leaking dangerous chemicals contained, Highway 30 reopen
Fire crews responded to reports of a railcar leaking a chemical similar to paint-thinner Tuesday afternoon in northwest Portland. 

Firefighters rushed to Northwest Yeon Avenue, also known as Highway 30, just after 3 p.m. and closed the road to traffic. 

The road was temporarily closed between Northwest Kittridge Avenue and Northwest 35th Avenue and reopened around 5:30 p.m. Nearby buildings were evacuated, Portland Fire & Rescue said.

A hazmat team also responded. The team stopped the leak a bit before 5 p.m
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july 2018 by dchas
Hazmat situation displaces four families in Manchester
Manchester fire crews responded to a hazardous materials situation at a home on Merrimack Street Saturday night.

At about 9:40 p.m., firefighters arrived at 289 Merrimack St. to find an unknown odor throughout the three-story home. Air monitoring indicated high levels of volatile organic compounds.

The building was evacuated, and five gallons of an unknown solvent spill was discovered in the basement. The building was ventilated and the contaminated soil removed, but the odor and VOC levels could not be reduced to safe levels.

Four families were displaced, and one resident went to Elliot Hospital to check higher levels of carbon monoxide in his blood.

The Red Cross was notified and the families provided temporary housing until the contaminated soil could be removed by a hazardous waste company.
us_NH  public  release  injury  solvent 
july 2018 by dchas
Explosion, fire sends 2 men to local hospital with burns
WACO, Texas (KWTX) Two men who suffered 2nd- and 3rd-degree burns in an explosion and fire at a house in which they were working were taken to a Waco hospital early Friday afternoon.

The two men, who are both in their 30s, were using lacquer thinner on a hardwood floor when the chemical stripper exploded and ignited, a fire official said.

First responders received the call at around 12:45 p.m. Friday at 639 Baker Lane, which is on the edge of Waco’s Cameron Park.

Both men were taken to Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest Medical Center.
us_TX  public  explosion  injury  solvent 
june 2018 by dchas
Hazmat Crews Called to Altoona Trucking Company on Possibility of Chemical Explosion
ALTOONA, Iowa  --  Des Moines hazmat crews were called to an Altoona trucking company on Friday afternoon, worried chemicals could explode.

The incident happened at approximately 2 p.m. at Majestic Trucking. A worker say a 55-gallon drum of paint and gun solvent started to expand.

Crews closed 1st Avenue from Adventureland Drive to 4th Street and evacuated people in a 500-feet radius around the business.

Nobody was injured, and the road has been reopened.
us_IA  transportation  discovery  response  solvent 
june 2018 by dchas
Two workers injured in chemical unit blazein Vapi GIDC
Surat: Two workers suffered serious burns when a fire broke out in a chemical unit located in phase-2 of Vapi GIDC on Saturday.
Vapi GIDC’s fire department sources said the fire broke out at about 12 noon at Anand Enterprise located in phase-2. Three fire tenders were pressed into service to control the fire in the chemical unit.
The fire, according to fire officials, broke out following an explosion in the solvent barrel in the unit due to a short-circuit. The fire spread rapidly in the entire unit, forcing the workers to rush out. However, two workers were trapped inside the unit and later rescued by firefighters.
Assistant fire officer of Vapi GIDC phase-2 D N Waghela told TOI, “The fire was in the chemical unit and it may be due to a short-circuit and explosion in the solvent barrel. It took more than two hours to cool off the entire unit.”
India  industrial  explosion  injury  solvent 
may 2018 by dchas
Chemistry safety experts and government agencies warn schools to stop unsafe science demonstrations
The science experiment that caused a flash fire, injuring 17 children and a teacher at Merrol Hyde Magnet School on Wednesday was not a surprise to chemical safety experts across the country. They have been warning schools about unsafe lab demonstrations for years. 

Word traveled fast to members of the American Chemical Society, Division of Chemical Health and Safety. Samuella B. Sigmann, a lecturer and Chemical Hygiene Officer at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, monitors chemical safety incidents. She has documented 32 similar incidents at school labs across the country, that injured at least 164 children and teachers. 

The experiments used in schools have names like Green Flame, Rainbow Flame, Whoosher Bottle, and Alcohol Cannon, and all involve alcohol-fueled flame tests. 

Sigmann says, "Safety professionals have been watching and trying to figure out how to prevent teachers from using flammable solvents in classroom experiments and demonstrations without proper ventilation and preventative controls in place."  


Exactly how the fire started on Wednesday has not been released by Sumner County Schools. But it involved a chemical reaction caused by mixing boric acid and ethyl alcohol, according to Dr. Berchaun Nicholls, the Emergency Room physician who decontaminated and treated half a dozen children for burns at TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center.

Safety alerts have come from the American Chemical Society, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board, the National Science Teachers Association and the National Fire Protection Agency, among others. For years, they have been warning teachers to use alternatives to alcohol- based flame tests or at least use safety equipment like fume hoods.  

(Photo: U.S. Chemical Safety Board) 
Dr. Ken Roy, Chief Safety Compliance Advisor at the NSTA, says, “schools have a legal responsibility, under duty or standard of care, to make sure teachers are trained in how to work with, store and dispose of chemicals in a safer way before working in school science labs with students.”

He says before any experiment or demonstration, teachers must do a hazard analysis, a risk assessment and a review of safety actions with equipment like safety goggles and gloves on hand. And there should be a dry run first, without students in place. The NSTA provides many resources like its safety portal and safety blog to help teachers.

Roy is also Director of Environmental Health and Chemical Safety for Glastonbury Schools in Connecticut. He warns teachers should never do an experiment involving alcohol and an active flame or sparks out in the open on a demonstration desk.  If they must use alcohol, instead of a safer alternative, do it under a lab fume hood.
us_TN  laboratory  follow-up  injury  ethanol  flammables  solvent 
may 2018 by dchas
A chemical spill, unchecked eyewash stations, poor training: Audit details Cal State's lax lab safety
In May 2016, two bottles tumbled off a poorly supported shelf and broke, leading to a chemical spill in a Sacramento State University lab.
The liquid got onto one student's legs and soaked another's feet.
Five employees cleaned up the mess, even though no one knew for sure what it was and whether it was dangerous. They called fellow employee Kim Harrington, their union representative, to let her know what happened.
The spill initially was thought to be all acetone — a solvent used in many nail polish removers that can irritate the nose, throat, eye and skin at moderate to high levels of exposure. The campus did not identify the liquid until the next day, when staff determined that the broken bottles contained not only acetone but another more harmful solvent called dimethylformamide, a known liver toxin that can cause abdominal pain, dizziness, skin problems and nausea.
"No one knew exactly what it was so they cleaned it up the wrong way," Harrington said. "Two students were burned, and our staff was exposed to it. That started us down the road of trying to figure out … how safe is this environment?"
us_CA  laboratory  follow-up  environmental  acetone  solvent 
april 2018 by dchas
Chemical that caused evacuation of warehouse is identified
The evacuation of a warehouse in the industrial section of Kearny this morning was caused by a spill of a 5 percent solution of dimethyl sulfide, a spokesman for the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) said.

A drum at St. George Logistics, a shipping and distribution company at 5 Logistics Way, was punctured by a forklift at 8:20 a.m., DEP spokesman Larry Hajna said. Logistics Drive is south of the Pulaski Skyway and between the Hackensack and Passaic rivers.

Dimethyl sulfide is an organic compound that contains sulfur, and in diluted forms is used for industrial solvents. Contact with it can cause irritation of the eyes and skin.

Some 50 workers were evacuated and water from the sprinklers went into a storm drain and into the nearby Passaic River, officials said. The spill drew a massive response, with the Kearny Fire Department, hazmat units from Jersey City and the county and fire boats from Newark, Jersey City and Bayonne, Kearny Fire Chief Steven Dyl said.
us_NJ  industrial  follow-up  response  solvent 
april 2018 by dchas
One dead in chemical plant fire
One worker was killed in the series of blasts and the fire that ripped through a chemical plant at Behra village here on Monday night. The loss has been estimated to be around Rs 4-5 crore, said sources.
Rakesh Kumar (50), who had suffered over 70 per cent burn injuries, was taken to a private hospital in Dera Bassi from where he was referred to the PGI. His condition deteriorated on the way to the PGI and was taken to the GMCH, Sector 32, where he was declared brought dead.
Rakesh Kumar, a resident of College Colony, Dera Bassi, was working as a production manager at the Maggu chemical plant. Sources said seven people were working in the chemical plant and standard operating protocol lapses might be the cause of the explosion.
Dera Bassi fire personnel were on their toes even on the second day on Tuesday as the containers containing solvents kept smouldering. Two fire engines were stationed on the spot to sprinkle water at regular intervals to check recurrence of the blaze, said a fire official.
The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained. Initial reports suggest that high pressure and temperature reportedly led to an uncontrolled and unstable solvent reaction, causing an explosion in a chemical reactor. There were a series of blasts in chemical containers, leading to high flames. The entire plant was gutted.
India  industrial  explosion  death  solvent 
april 2018 by dchas
Sacramento State had lead and chemical safety problems. Does CSU have systemwide issues?
Lead exposure and a chemical spill at Sacramento State are expected to feature prominently in a state audit scheduled for release Tuesday examining whether the California State University system has health and safety deficiencies.

As The Sacramento Bee reported last year, Sacramento State chemistry lab employees said they became infertile or had other health problems because they were exposed to chemicals in badly ventilated rooms and were required to clean up a solvent more hazardous than they realized. The university also shut off drinking fountains last year after a professor found high levels of lead in the water.

The audit was requested last year by Assemblyman Jim Wood, D-Santa Rosa, at the urging of the university employees union. The California State Auditor is reviewing the adequacy of safety equipment, regulations and training at CSU campuses in Sacramento, San Diego, Sonoma and the Channel Islands.

The auditor is looking specifically into the Sacramento State drinking water issue and protocols at the four campuses for handling chemicals.
us_CA  laboratory  follow-up  environmental  solvent 
april 2018 by dchas
Fire, Explosions Rock North Texas Chemical Recycling Company
TARRANT COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – A massive fire at a recycling center in Tarrant County shot flames sky high early Friday morning and was still burning into the afternoon.

Clean Solvent Recycling, near the city of Mansfield, went up in flames just after 1 a.m. and caused explosions that rocked a nearby residential area.

After more than five hours firefighters decided to let the blaze at the chemical recycling company burn itself out. The business is a paint and paint thinning recycling facility.
us_TX  industrial  explosion  response  solvent  waste 
april 2018 by dchas

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