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Meet the mobile charity that gives the homeless free showers and washes their clothes | World Economic Forum
It’s a problem affecting affluent nations as well as the developing world. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development says around 554,000 people were homeless last year, the first time the number had risen since 2010. In Los Angeles, a city synonymous with conspicuous wealth, homelessness grew by 23% between 2016 and 2107 to around 50,000.

It costs around $68,000 to kit out one van, which can handle 15-20 loads of washing and showers per day. Orange Sky has now set up in Auckland, New Zealand where there are an estimated 1,000 rough sleepers. It is planning to open up in the USA next, and has been approached by groups working with homeless people in Greece and the UK who are interested in offering the service to their communities.
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