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“Incomplete Open Cubes Revisited”, a digital project by Rob Weychert
As entrancing and rigidly systematic as it is, though, [Incomplete Open Cubes] is driven by a number of decisions which might be considered arbitrarily limiting. In particular, three aspects of LeWitt’s definition of an incomplete open cube are worthy of debate, as they significantly restrict the concept’s possibilities.
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september 2018 by beep
Sol LeWitt’s “Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes”
“Irrational Thoughts Should be Followed Absolutely and Logically”: Sol LeWitt’s “Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes” (1974) – SOCKS
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january 2017 by sethblanchard
RT : Here is a video of my implementation of 86. Write up:
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october 2016 by sethblanchard
was born today in 1928. He designed these two wall drawings for our galleries:
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september 2016 by cshier
Watch a time-lapse of the installation of on the terrace . On view starting Thur night.
AtTheWalker  SolLewitt  from twitter_favs
may 2016 by dalcrose
Four works by on view in the gallery through October 27th!
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october 2015 by normd
Sol LeWitt on the Power of Doing
In 1960 two American artists met for the first time: Sol LeWitt and Eva Hesse. The meeting sparked a bond that resulted in “countless inspirational discussions and rich exchanged of ideas” until Hesse passed away in 1970.

In 1965 Hesse was facing a creative block, plagued with self-doubt. She told LeWitt who replied with this work of art found in Letters of Note. “An invaluable letter of advice, it has since inspired many other artists, and copies now grace the walls of art studios the world over.”
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may 2014 by toddmundt
The Blanton Museum of Art | Facebook
""Converging Lines" closes Sunday, but we're reliving the installation process in a new time lapse video that shows how Wall Drawing #797 came together with the help of wall drafters from the LeWitt Estate, The University of Texas at Austin students, and Blanton staff members. This week is your LAST chance to visit this drawing and others before the exhibition closes May 18!"
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may 2014 by robertogreco

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