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Kotlin extension functions: more than sugar
expressiveness, discoverability, single responsibility principle
kotlin  extension  functions  solid 
yesterday by tp78
BRL-CAD: Open Source Solid Modeling
BRL-CAD is a powerful open source cross-platform solid modeling system that includes interactive geometry editing, high-performance ray-tracing for rendering and geometric analysis, a system performance analysis benchmark suite, geometry libraries for application developers, and more than 30 years of active development.
3d  cad  design  graphics  brl-cad  solid  modeling  opensource  crossplatform 
20 days ago by blueronin
The Best Vegan Herbal Shampoo Bar For People Going Places! - The Solid Bar Company
Easy & effective cruelty-free vegan shampoo created from the best plant-derived ingredients to bring back that super soft shine to dull & lifeless hair today. It's time you tried the best natural herbal shampoo bar in the UK!
solid  bar  soap  plastic  free  mailotder 
5 weeks ago by herbalmedicine
(251) How to use Solid State Relay with Arduino to Control AC load - YouTube
How to use Solid State Relay with Arduino to Control AC load
How  to  use  Solid  State  Relay  with  Arduino  Control  AC  load  ssr 
5 weeks ago by kilroy2
SOLID: The Software Design and Architecture Handbook
SOLID BOOK | Learn to write testable, flexible, maintainable code with TypeScript - $24.99 | Learn to use the
SOLID principles, object-oriented programming, domain-modeling, and the clean architecture to build long-lasting software.
solid  software  architecture  ddd  ebook 
5 weeks ago by gilberto5757

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