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Team spirit! and stationed in give shoutouts for the 2017 🏈 g…
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6 weeks ago by jcoffey42
This isn’t the water skiing we had in mind. 🚤🎿🌊

right a Zodiac boat during boat…
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Somerset Live: Remembrance Day: On Armistice Day 2017 search for those in your family or street who died in The Great War.
From Research Buzz: "“If you have ever wondered whether any members of your family or if people who used to live on your street, were among the fallen during the 1914-1918 war, then this database allows you to search for them easily.. You can search by any combination of first name (or initial), surname, street or town/city. You don’t have to fill in all the boxes – you can fill as many or as few as you like.” Pretty sure this is UK-only. The search interface is at the bottom of the article. Update: After I posted this to my personal Facebook and tagged a couple of genealogists, genealogist Amy Johnson Crow responded: “Thanks for sharing that, Tara. You’re right — it’s a UK/Canada/Australia/New Zealand database; it’s from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. It looks like it includes only those who are buried in military cemeteries or who have their names included on a memorial.” I am including the comment here with her permission. Thanks Amy!"
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9 weeks ago by Psammead
Watch as reserve distribute clean water in 🇵🇷. They purified 16,000 gallons of water a day.…
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11 weeks ago by jcoffey42
Gift of Life. taking “service before self” to a new level:
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october 2017 by jcoffey42
Happy ! These used 1100 lbs of batter & 80 lbs of syrup to feed 5K people. What's your…
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september 2017 by jcoffey42
As shades of purple color the sky, deploy the Joint Assault Bridge System during…
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september 2017 by jcoffey42
Ready & responding. There are nearly 17K & personnel participating in operations.…
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september 2017 by jcoffey42
Today the celebrates 100 years of service to our country. We salute the who are a part of the…
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august 2017 by jcoffey42
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The Germans disliked the Americans, because of the way they projected their vast wealth. They said we fought like rich men. Example, Germans frequently abandoned tanks that were damaged or broke down in a battle, to return later and fix them. If an American tank broke down, it was pushed out of the way by a new one, at least that was their impression. Anecdotes, a German 88 gunner had a commanding position overlooking a road that approached his position. A Sherman tank started up the road, and he shot it through the star on the front, killing the tank. A few moments later, another Sherman approached and pushed the first aside, and started toward him. He killed that one. The Americans kept coming. Asked how it ended, he shrugged and said “I ran out of 88 ammo before they ran out of tanks. Another German officer encountered a US supply depot, really just a pile of stuff nearly a mile long, a few days after D Day. He told his driver the war was lost. The driver asked why, and he said, in effect, “this stuff wasn't even here three days ago, it was in England, and here is a pile of food and equipment, the likes of which I haven't seen during my entire time in the army. Hats, boots, butter. They came ashore with us fighting them and still managed to bring this here. We cannot beat them. “
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may 2017 by theskett
RT : Rise & grind! carry 35-lb. sacks while participating in a 7.5-mile ruck march at Training Center.
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may 2017 by jonCates
rehearse outside for the concert, a free event celebrating local heroes.…
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april 2017 by jcoffey42
On the Vimy anniversary, it’s time we all learned the name Arthur Currie - The Globe and Mail
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Sunday, Apr. 09, 2017

we should celebrate Sir Arthur Currie and, perhaps, take a cue from our Australian cousins and consider promoting him to the rank of field marshal in the name of the soldiers of the Canadian Corp he led.
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april 2017 by jerryking
Norway's Radical Military Experiment: How Full Gender Integration Paid Off
The female share is typically much higher among support functions such as medics, but this seems to be a result more of habit than of ability: because there are so few women in combat units, it feeds the notion that females are not as good at fighting...

The 50/50 division was key: with the men no longer in the majority, their behavior didn’t set the tone. All cavorting on base is banned, as are locker-room talk and pinup posters. The female soldiers interviewed by Hellum told her that for them, the cohort of women was positive. If there had been only a handful of females in the battalion, one of them told Hellum, “I would have had to become one of the boys.” When Hellum individually showed male and female troops pinup posters, their reaction was, “That would never be allowed here.” Hellum also observed less crude joking about women than she has seen in other Norwegian units; indeed, immigrants were more often the subjects of insensitive jokes. Among the men there was some joking about women, Gillebo told me, “but the girls sometimes joked about the boys, too.”
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january 2017 by thegrandnarrative

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