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I-Extruder - solder paste dispenser and Pick & Place tool - I-Extruder solder paste dispensers
Revolutionery USB powered solder paste dispenser and Pick & Place tool for SMT /SMD PCB prototyping and assembly.
electronics  make  soldering 
19 days ago by bsa3
Hand wiring a let’s split | Janzon’s projects
This post describes which pins can be used for hand wiring a keyboard, how to connect your hand wiring matrix to the microcontroller and what you need to do to get your handwired keyboard to work with existing qmk firmware.
diy  guide  keyboard  soldering  wiring 
27 days ago by morganwatch
RT : If had a program, the work would look like this. Pure
soldering  witchcraft  hogwarts  from twitter
28 days ago by qdot
Silicone soldering mat - Tools & Equipment - VellemanStore
Silicone soldering mat. Make your soldering and repair work easy with this multifunctional mat.. Specifications material: anti-static silicone dimensions: 45 x 30 cm weight: 678 g Features <
hardware  tools  soldering 
6 weeks ago by beardicus
[Service] Soldering/desoldering, assembly/disassembly, switch services (east coast) : mechmarket
It looks like here’s another person offering soldering/assembly services for keyboards, if you should need that.
soldering  keyboards  mechmarket  2019 
8 weeks ago by handcoding
[Service] Taeha Types' Keyboard Build Services : mechmarket
It looks like this fellow is offering keyboard-building services.
keyboards  soldering  2019  reddit 
9 weeks ago by handcoding

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