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Wind and Solar Start To Hit Primary US Energy Demand |
"As wind and solar grow globally, primary demand itself will see its growth halted through the harvesting of thermodynamic savings. Work and processes will continue to migrate away from combustion, and its enormous heat loss. Large transit services like LA Metro will increasingly run trains and buses off a powergrid that is rapidly adding cheap wind and solar.

It took about five years for wind and solar to advance from below 1% of US electricity to nearly 3%; and then another 5 years to advance towards 7%, last year. Wind and solar will easily reach 10% of US electricity by 2020. Now, it appears wind and solar will trace out a similar path in US primary energy demand: 2.77% last year, likely 7% by 2021, and 10% before 2025. When people complain that rate isn’t fast enough, here is a question: what is your model for the rate of plausible, systemic change?"
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Electric Vehicles: Climate Saviors, or Not? | Issues in Science and Technology
"Even in relatively clean states, such as California, the difference in CO2 emissions from nighttime to daytime can be significant. The nighttime start-up of coal plants in response to the additional electricity load from EVs increases marginal emissions. And, of course, clean solar energy is not available at night. As one study has explicitly stated, there is a “fundamental tension between electricity load management and environmental goals.”"
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Solar Lighting International
Solar Lighting International, Inc. is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of superior commercial solar lighting products. We have been producing quality solar lighting systems since 2004, when the X-35 series commercial solar light was released. SLI has a team of engineers committed to moving the industry into high quality commercial solar LED lighting. Our products are designed and engineered in the United States and are a symbol of high quality solar lighting solutions.
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3 days ago by gildenventures
GE targeting $1B cost cut in Power unit, sale of Baker Hughes (SNL)
GE Power - overcapacity. $1B cost cuts, 45% less capex in 2018. Were wrongly expecting PJM capacity mkt to justify upgrades. To focus on cash & LT contracts - renewables. "renewables and storage ... a mega-trend ... The challenge ... is really the margin rate. This is an intensely price competitive industry ..."
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4 days ago by ff4
RT : Australia solar guru Martin Green says heading to price of 1c/kWh before 2020 after latest record auction re…
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5 days ago by Somite
N&O: the pros & cons of the new natural gas/fracking pipeline, turbines & for Eastern NC. We need it a…
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