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CHART Breaking Down the $10B Market for Smart Meters and Analytics Through 2021 (2017)
GTM Research explains why utility AMI analytics are entering a new phase of growth—and where the next hot markets will be.
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Massachusetts new SMART tariff "2nd Gen" regulatory structure is one to watch - (Sept 2017)
Massachusetts’ SMART tariff is being touted as a second-generation program, designed to double installed capacity of solar from 1,600 to 3,200 MW over the next several years. It applies several lessons learned from earlier feed-in tariff programs in Ontario and Germany, setting initial prices competitively and adjusting over time based on capacity rather than time. It encompasses many ways to differentiate projects, going far beyond project size to include location and even beneficiaries. It may not be the perfect solar program, but given the care and detail in putting the SMART program, it’s certainly one to watch.
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Build A Personal Power Plant.
How to build a compact solar generator with parts from Amazon – for silent, fuel-free power. For off-grid home appliances, emergency backup, festivals and camping.
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From small domestic pumps to high-performance systems, Ascento supplies solutions for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. Phone or Email today to see what solutions we offer !

Pressure Pumps - jet, multi-stage, self-priming, transfer, turbine
Submersible Pumps - amphibious, axial flow, cutter, dewatering, drainage, grinder, high-head, single channel, stainless steel, vortex
Pump Stations - concrete, poly, fibreglass(FRP)
Rain to Mains Systems - controlle...
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Consequences if International Trade Commission, Trump admin add restrictions to imported products…
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DIY Solar Stirling Engine Generator
From this page you can access blueprints and plans which will help you to cut your electric bills by up to 75% for just 100$ in materials by creating your own Solar Stirling Engine Generator from easy to follow plans.  This type of Stirling Engine is currently being used in many of the newest large scale government funded renewable energy systems, the most recent of which has just begun operation in Spain. These engines are more efficient at converting sunlight into electricity than the current highest standard photo-voltaic cells on the market are are very likely to become the market leader in solar energy production in the coming years.
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2 days ago by jchris
ISO-NE Forecast Sees Flat Loads, More Solar, No Congestion
ISO-NE expects growing energy efficiency and behind-the-meter solar generation to more than cancel out load growth over the next 10 years.
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3 days ago by eversourcenh
ISO-NE Forecast Sees Flat Loads, More Solar, No Congestion
ISO-NE expects growing energy efficiency and behind-the-meter solar generation to more than cancel out load growth over the next 10 years.
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3 days ago by northernpass
State regulators investigate solar installer | Rutland Herald
MONTPELIER — A California solar company that has been installing rooftop solar systems in Vermont since 2015 is under investigation by the Public Utility
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3 days ago by wmaceyka

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