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gRPC is a modern open source high performance RPC framework that can run in any environment. It can efficiently connect services in and across data centers with pluggable support for load balancing, tracing, health checking and authentication. It is also applicable in last mile of distributed computing to connect devices, mobile applications and browsers to backend services.
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etcd | Home
A distributed, reliable key-value store for the most critical data of a distributed system

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Why Software Remains Insecure | Daniel Miessler
There are myriad theories as to why software remains insecure after we've spend decades trying to solve the problem. Common reasons include: Get the Audio
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a formally verified process language using robust mathematical principles to prevent errors, allow compositionality and ensure termination. In addition, the language is visual and allows one to inspect the flow of the program as it is executing. These properties make Statebox suitable for distributed systems, blockchains, workflow management systems, application orchestration and system architecture.
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Four Better Rules for Software Design
A well-designed system: (1) is well-covered by passing tests; (2) has no abstractions not directly needed by the program; (3) has unambiguous behavior; (4) requires the fewest number of concepts. To me, these flow from what we do with software.
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