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Dynamics of Software Development (2nd Edition) (Developer Best Practices): Michele McCarthy, Jim Books
"offering thought-provoking ideas, techniques, and strategies for delivering great software on time in the real world."
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yesterday by mechazoidal
Rails' CurrentAttributes considered harmful - Ryan Bigg
Conclusion: Introducing a global state to Rails seems like a terrible idea and while I deeply, deeply wish this change is reverted, that is very likely not going to happen because it's DHH's change and it's his framework. DHH is allowed to be a footgun merchant if he wishes to be. I am just sad to see that, despite evidence that this is a genuinely bad idea, DHH carried on with it. I thought with his years of experience he would know better by now.
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3 days ago by kluka
Patch workflow with mutt - 2019 - Linux Kernel Monkey Log
A Linux kernel dev shows what he needs in an email client for proper dev tasks. Spoilers: it's heavily based around git and the patch quilt scripts
email  git  mutt  software_development  linux 
8 days ago by mechazoidal
Free Software Needs Free Tools :: Benjamin Mako Hill
"First, the use of nonfree tools sends an unacceptable message to users of the free software produced. “Software freedom is important for you as users,” developers seem to say, “but not for us.” Such behavior undermines the basic effectiveness of the strong ethical commitment at the heart of the free software movement."

"Secondly, we should realize that, going forward, the software we produce is only as free as the software it depends on for its continued use, distribution, and evolution."
2010  pmz  gpl  opensource  piperesearch  facme  essay  software_development 
10 days ago by mechazoidal
Why I love Trunk Based Development (or pushing straight to master)
Teams that are using short-lived feature branches would usually benefit from aiming to work directly on master.
mattia_battiston  github  software_development 
17 days ago by mreinbold

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