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StdLib — Function as a Service Software Library
The Standard Library for Functions as a Service. Discover pre-built APIs, compose your own, build apps, and move your business faster than ever with new "server-less" technology.
cloud  javascript  lambda  serverless  code  software  service  api  apis  services  dev  development  faas 
yesterday by aviflax
Don't Just Roll The Dice
A usefully short guide to software pricing
economics  software  pricing 
yesterday by neomindryan
Cerebro App – open-source productivity booster with a brain
Cerebro is an open source and free electron-based productivity software alternative to Alfred and Spotlight.
productivity  software  search  tools 
yesterday by jessewagstaff
Day One Goes Premium – Day One – Medium
Day One is evolving. We’re transitioning to a more stable subscription business model to ensure this app and these services always stick around.

This week we’re releasing the Day One Premium subscription service. It includes the ability to create more than ten journals and access all future premium features.
macos  ios  software 
yesterday by andyhuey
Design Patterns & Refactoring
Design patterns. Design patterns source code examples. Design patterns tutorials and guides.
design  pattern  patterns  programming  refactoring  dev  development  software  engineering  coding 
yesterday by renaudjx

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