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Just plain ol' Websockets. But with a twist.
I use 2 WS connections mirroring some packets on both, to deal with head-of-line blocking.

I interleave information that becomes redundant (like the position of players, I can handle losing every other packet for a while, interpolating/predicting missing info) but send important data in all channels (like when a rocket is fired, it's just one event that must be seen).
Again, I'm not OP but I did similar things and explained what probably happens with this game.

What DiThi said (read his excellent post)
There's also another important detail. Due to delayed ACKs on Windows and battery-preserving TCP stacks on most mobile devices/laptops, some of your packets will be delayed. Even with TCP_NODELAY. Desktop OSX/Linux do not display this behavior.
The only solution I have found, and it's a rather crude one, is to blast the server every 50ms with a 1-byte packet. It is ugly but it works well.
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11 hours ago by sherbondy
MagerValp/AutoDMG: Create deployable system images from OS X installer
The award winning AutoDMG takes a macOS installer (10.10 or newer) and builds a system image suitable for deployment with Imagr, DeployStudio, LANrev, Jamf Pro, and other asr-based imaging tools.
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13 hours ago by mbraly

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