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RNPixel - Modular React Native Components
I upvoted RNPixel on Product Hunt: Modular React Native Components for quick prototyping at December 11, 2018 at 09:46PM
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Manage multiple accounts with the best email client 2018
Free account or $29.95 lifetime - alternative to Outlook - 2018-12-10
email  Software 
yesterday by wellsa
How Subscriptions Are Remaking Corporate America

While Apple investors fret over the latest iPhone sales, the market has rewarded Microsoft for locking in a regular stream of revenue tied to the cloud and its Office 365 franchise. Those old Windows software boxes? They’ve been replaced by shiny mobile apps tied to monthly payments.

Sure enough, Microsoft (ticker: MSFT) shares rose 3.8% in November, even as Apple (AAPL) tumbled. Despite Apple’s user base of one-billion-plus iPhones, the company’s shareholders still worry every year about the next device. It’s an exhausting cycle for consumers, investors, and, surely, Apple itself.

Subscriptions offer a way off the product hamster wheel. Recurring payments have changed the way that Americans consume software, music, movies, television, fitness, clothing, and food. Even tractor maker Deere (DE) is trying to sell subscriptions to farmers.

The market never knows how to price Apple. This time may be no different. Either way, it’s about time investors started caring about cash flow.

Investors, somewhat belatedly, have discovered the subscription payoff. The market now values Microsoft at $23 for every dollar of profit it generates, while Apple’s price/earnings ratio is mired at a hardware-like 13 times.

The jump for Adobe is really eye opening. I knew their subscription service was going well, but I didn’t know how well.

In 2012—the last full year it sold boxed software—Adobe earned $2.35 a share. This year, the company is projected to earn $6.82, going to $7.98 next year.

It’s a stunning jump for a 36-year-old outfit. The stock’s gain has outpaced earnings growth because investors are paying more for every dollar of profit. The stock has risen 793% since Adobe outlined its subscription strategy in 2011. Adobe trades at 31 times next year’s earnings projections. In 2012, the multiple was 12.

This is the quote that went viral.

“Retention is the new growth,” Narayen tells Barron’s. The subscription model, he adds, has made the company more responsive, with developers tracking customer habits and updating software in nearly real time.

“What is so obvious in retrospect with a transaction-based software model is that you’re at least two steps removed from the end customer,” Narayen adds.
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yesterday by jefframnani
Fstoppers Reviews VueScan 9 Scanning Software | Fstoppers
“When you get into VueScan, the first thing you’re going to notice is the Spartan nature of the user interface. This software, visually, seems like a flashback from the nineties. There are hardly any graphic elements to be found. There are six tabs on the left moving from ‘Input’ on the far left to ‘Output’ and ‘Prefs’ on the right. Seems fairly intuitive. Unfortunately, that’s about where the user friendliness ends. A lot of my working through VueScan has been trial and error. There are a plethora of options under each subsection, and although some do have sliders, it’s difficult to determine what does what without some experimentation.”
software  scanners  scanning  vuescan  2018 
yesterday by handcoding
Duplicati works with standard protocols like FTP, SSH, WebDAV as well as popular services like Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive & S3, Google Drive,, Mega, hubiC and many others.
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Wappalyzer - Wappalyzer has been upgraded
they say: Interested to know which websites use certain technologies?
Our APIs and datasets provide valuable insights into the software industry.
app  api  wappalyzer  dataset  detect  detection  software  usage  use  website 
yesterday by piperh
Home - Cmap
Cmap software is a result of research conducted at the Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC). It empowers users to construct, navigate, share and criticize knowledge models represented as concept maps.
concept  maps  software  download 
yesterday by rgl7194

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