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Parse, don’t validate
A good, practical explanation of what “type-driven” design means, and how to do it
Haskell  software-engineering  type-theory  blog-posts 
12 days ago by pash
Goodbye, Clean Code
> Don't be a clean code zealot.
12 days ago by FND
Retool: Build internal tools fast
Custom internal tools have the same building blocks. Retool gives you those building blocks, so you can build tools much faster.
software-engineering  programming 
13 days ago by kristjansson
Margaret Hamilton Knows What's Up
Hamilton is famous for coining the term “software engineering,” but what often gets obscured in that one-sentence origin story is why she started using that term.

By framing software development as requiring the rigor and discipline associated with engineering, Hamilton was doing her best to protect her team’s coding from a “fail fast” approach encouraged by management at NASA. The desire to cut corners in the interest of speed devalued Hamilton’s more time-intensive and safety-minded efforts.
software-development  leadership  project-management  software-engineering  nasa 
13 days ago by cdzombak
Depending Less on Structure
An article introducing the principles of behavioral programming. It provides examples and references. I'm not convinced lol but it's interesting.
programming  software-engineering  computer-science 
14 days ago by jpereira

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