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Repeat yourself, do more than one thing, and rewrite everything
"Usually, a rewrite is only a practical option when it’s the only option left. Technical debt, or code the seniors wrote that we can’t be rude about, accrues until all change becomes hazardous. It is only when the system is at breaking point that a rewrite is even considered an option. Sometimes the reasons can be less dramatic: an API is being switched off, a startup has taken a beautiful journey, or there’s a new fashion in town and orders from the top to chase it. Rewrites can happen to appease a programmer too—rewarding good teamwork with a solo project."
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21 days ago by bankbryan
The presence prison
"Are there exceptions? Of course. It might be good to know who’s around in a true emergency, but 1% occasions like that shouldn’t drive policy 99% of the time. And there are times where certain teams need to make sure someone’s around so there are no gaps in customer service coverage, but those are specialized cases best handled by communication, not an ambiguous colored dot next to someone’s name."
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Michael Feathers: A Type Driven Approach to Functional Design
InfoQ just put up a presentation I did at StrangeLoop last year. It's a bit fuzzy as my talks go because I'm describing a way of thinking about design while doing it. The crux involves thinking about the shapes of...
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7 weeks ago by lenards
Write code that's easy to delete, and easy to debug too.
"Writing robust software begins with writing software that assumed it crashed the last time it ran, and crashing whenever it doesn’t know the right thing to do. The best thing about throwing an exception over leaving a comment like 'This Shouldn’t Happen', is that when it inevitably does happen, you get a head-start on debugging your code."
a:Thomas-Edward-Figg  p:Programming-Is-Terrible  d:2018.05.14  w:3000  instructional  programming  software-design  process  from instapaper
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