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Every manager reaches a point where they need to choose: do they want to manage engineers (a “line manager”), or do they want to try to climb the org chart? — manage managers, managers of other managers, even other divisions; while being “promoted” from manager to senior manager, director to senior director, all the way up to VP and so forth. Almost everyone’s instinct is to say “climb the org chart”, but we’ll talk about why you should be critical of this instinct.

They also face a closely related question: how technical do they wish to stay, and how badly do they care?

Are you an “engineering MANAGER” or an “ENGINEERING manager”?
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13 days ago by jevon
What is a Front-End Architect?
Micah defines Front-End architecture as:

“a collection of tools and processes that aim to improve the quality of our front-end code while creating a more efficient and sustainable workflow.”
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november 2018 by jevon
Markdown Architectural Decision Records | madr
An Architectural Decision (AD) is a software design choice that addresses a functional or non-functional requirement that is architecturally significant. This might, for instance, be a technology choice (e.g., Java vs. JavaScript), a choice of the IDE (e.g., IntelliJ vs. Eclipse IDE), a choice between a library (e.g., SLF4J vs java.util.logging), or a decision on features (e.g., infinite undo vs. limited undo). Do not take the term “architecture” too serious or interpret it too strong. As the examples illustrate, any decision might have impact on the architecture somehow are architectural decisions.

It should be as easy as possible to a) write down the decisions and b) to version the decisions.

This repository offers a solution to record architectural decisions. It provides files to document Architectural Decisions using Markdown and Architectural Decision Records.
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october 2018 by dserodio
Restructured Powershop eyes more international markets
Meridian chief executive Mark Binns says he has been encouraged by Powershop’s work with npower, which has been delivered on time and on budget.
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may 2017 by jevon
Where do our flaky tests come from?
Google has around 4.2 million tests that run on our continuous integration system. Of these, around 63 thousand have a flaky run over the course of a week. While this represents less than 2% of our tests, it still causes significant drag on our engineers.
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may 2017 by jevon

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