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Humidity meters and their sensors. - YouTube
"You can use various salts with their own equilibrium relative humidities. To calibrate a low point at 33%, Magnesium Chloride is an easily accessible salt. You should use kosher salt or canning salt instead of table salt for your Sodium Chloride slurry, though. Common table salt contains anti-caking agents that can throw things off."
calibrate  humidity  sensor  salt  sodium  chloride  75%  relative 
10 weeks ago by theskett
No study (RCT or cohort) has EVER shown that low (<2.5 g/d) is better than average sodium (3-4 g/d) in rela…
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march 2019 by colinaut
Direct electrosynthesis of sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid from brine streams | Nature Catalysis
recycling output brine from desalination plants to make sodium hydroxide in bulk. Apparently desal plants normally have to buy it to adjust input salinities, so producing it's own makes some sense...
sodium  hydroxide  direct  electrosynthesis  desalination  plant  seawater  brine  effluent 
february 2019 by asteroza
Efficient CO2 Utilization via a Hybrid Na-CO2 System Based on CO2 Dissolution - ScienceDirect
Converts CO2 to hydrogen and baking soda via electrolytic cell and aqueous solution. Dependent on the aqueous solution though, where does that come from, how hard is it to regenerate, etc. Makes power too
CCS  CO2  carbon  capture  baking  soda  hydrogen  gas  production  power  generator  electrolytic  cell  sodium  ionic  conductor  NASICON  separator  membrane  chemistry 
february 2019 by asteroza

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