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How Bad Is Soda For Your Teeth?
Many dentists tell their patients to avoid things that are bad for their teeth, such as candy and soda. However, do you know what soda really does to your teeth and what types of soda are the worst for your oral health?
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6 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
World's Fastest Pop Machine
For a mere 75 cents, the 40-year-old machine spits out cans so fast, locals say it’s impossible to push the button and catch your drink with the same hand.
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8 weeks ago by ahall
Review: Diet Coke new flavors - INSIDER
"It's 2018, and Diet Coke has an all-new look and four new flavors. On January 10, Coca-Cola announced that they were relaunching Diet Cokeafter 35 years with not only the classic flavor but four new fruity variations inspired by the millennial audience: Ginger Lime, Feisty Cherry, Zesty Blood Orange, and Twisted Mango.

"Since many of us on The Daily Meal staff are proper D-Coke addicts, our friends at Coca-Cola delivered us a six-pack of the new Diet Coke flavors to try."
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9 weeks ago by handcoding

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