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if i was a boy or a girl so i said "neither" ~ Twitter thread
At work a kid asked me if i was a boy or a girl so i said "neither" & their parent explained that some people are "he", some are "she", and others are "they" - the kid replied that they had never thought of that, and the parent said they could think about it more together later.

Very nice thread.
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ThreadReaderApp | | 15 aug 2018
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15 hours ago by tometaxu
We Live Half Our Lives Online — So Why Don't More Movies Show It?
John Cho's new movie Searching might be the first one you see that takes place entirely on a computer screen. But it probably won't be the last.
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19 hours ago by NightOwlCity
A Generation Grows Up in China Without Google, Facebook or Twitter - The New York Times
HONG KONG — Wei Dilong, 18, who lives in the southern Chinese city of Liuzhou, likes basketball, hip-hop music and Hollywood superhero movies. He plans to study chemistry in Canada when he goes to college in 2020. Mr.
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20 hours ago by jeffhammond
Overhaul tax for the 21st century - Stuck in the past
Tax income, not payroll. Tax land, not property. Tax consumption, not production. Tax inheritance.
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yesterday by debrouwere
Children Under Siege in the Digital Age - The Imaginative Conservative
Millions of children today are raised, by default, to be slaves to group-think, addicted to endorphins released from a digital device, burdened with neural pathways so obliterated that nary a logical thought might pass from brain to lips…
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yesterday by fairyrevel
Has Ireland lost faith in its church?
“ unreformed church risks becoming like the ultra-conservative Amish community in the US, a people that refused centuries ago to embrace the modern world.”
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2 days ago by corrales

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