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The Center for Land Use Interpretation
The Center for Land Use Interpretation is a research and education organization interested in understanding the nature and extent of human interaction with the surface of the earth, and in finding new meanings in the intentional and incidental forms that we individually and collectively create.
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1 hour ago by javagar
Why a Dutch court stopped high school students from swapping schools
An Amsterdam court ruled in 2015 that students going to high school aren’t allowed to trade places with each other at different schools — at the schools assigned to them by the new lottery system used to match students to schools. Even if both students prefer to trade. Even if they are at each other’s top choice school.
2 hours ago by micktwomey
Onboarding: A College Student Discovers A List Apart
Samantha Lynn weighs in on 20 years of ALA, 350 articles, and how far we’ve come as an industry.
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2 hours ago by garrettc
Why Liberal Groups Like PETA Lie - Derek Hunter
PETA has exposed some serious torture of animals in the past, but like the liberal social justice warriors (SJW) roaming college campuses in desperate search of “hate,” when they don’t find it they sometimes create it.
politics  society  PETA 
18 hours ago by fairyrevel
Jordan Peterson | On the New York Times and “Enforced Monogamy”
Just the plain, bare, common-sense facts: socially-enforced monogamous conventions decrease male violence. In addition (and not trivially) they also help provide mothers with comparatively reliable male partners, and increase the probability that stable, father-intact homes will exist for children.
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yesterday by soobrosa
日大アメフト問題の本質は狂った世の中にある。現役学生のあなたへ。 | 桑原淳 旅人美容師の1000人ヘアカット世界一周の旅





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yesterday by incep
Color film was built for white people. Here's what it did to dark skin. - YouTube
Dark wood and chocolate colors couldn't be recognized with film, though it was the same issue for dark skinned people. Film was only optimized for color
Television cameras. Multi-racial "Shirley" color cards for testing.
filmphotography  history  racism  culture  society 
yesterday by bwiese
Paul Ford: What Is Code?
Most programmers aren’t working on building a widely recognized application like Microsoft Word. Software is everywhere. It’s gone from a craft of fragile, built-from-scratch custom projects to an industry of standardized parts, where coders absorb and improve upon the labors of their forebears (even if those forebears are one cubicle over).

Software is there when you switch channels and your cable box shows you what else is on. You get money from an ATM — software. An elevator takes you up five stories — the same. Facebook releases software every day to something like a billion people, and that software runs inside Web browsers and mobile applications. Facebook looks like it’s just pictures of your mom’s crocuses or your son’s school play — but no, it’s software.

-- Paul Ford
Bloomberg | | 11 jun 2015
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yesterday by tometaxu
Westminster Hall Debate - Human Rights in Iran
Featured in The National , speaking at a Westminster Hall debate on human rights in Iran: Labour’s Fabian Hamilton, who represents Leeds North East, also…
government  politics  society  humanrights  debate  westminster  iran 
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