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Something is wrong on the internet – James Bridle – Medium
What concerns me is that this is just one aspect of a kind of infrastructural violence being done to all of us, all of the time, and we’re still struggling to find a way to even talk about it, to describe its mechanisms and its actions and its effects.
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yesterday by lutzray
Not Always Right
Not Always Right features funny & interesting true stories submitted by readers from around the world.
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yesterday by garrettc
Left behind: can anyone save the towns the UK economy forgot?
Soaring antidepressant usage, falling life expectancy: Blackpool embodies much of what is going wrong on the fringes of Britain
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yesterday by robward
Tear Down the Boys’ Club That Protected Louis C.K.
Sexual harassment is one of many tools heterosexual men use to remind other comics that our status is provisional. We’re not equals. We’re not colleagues. We’re flavors, we’re different, we’re people who should quietly accept whatever creepiness is presented to us. Mostly, these tools remind us that our status as real comics is provisional. We understand that if we question the rules of the table, if we say there aren’t enough women getting stage time, or that maybe they shouldn’t use that word, or even just that Kesha is more talented than Springsteen, we’ll be expelled.
yesterday by corrales
The Zuckerberg delusion
Facebook founder is a digital superstar, but he has poor human skills
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2 days ago by robward
The Last Word On Nothing | Goodbye to the Friend I Never Met
A rant about the need to use social sciences to address ecological problems caused by human societies.
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2 days ago by gerwitz
Do welfare states boost economic growth, or stunt it? - BBC News
By Tim Harford
BBC World Service, 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy
9 hours ago
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Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Women in politics are sometimes accused of consciously exploiting their femininity to get ahead in a male-dominated world.

Frances Perkins did that, but in an unusual way: she tried to remind men of their mothers.
She dressed in a plain, three-cornered hat, and she refined the way she acted, based on careful observation of what seemed to be most effective in persuading men to accept her ideas.
Perhaps it's no coincidence that those ideas could reasonably be described as maternal or parental.
Any parent wants to shield their children from serious harm, and Perkins believed governments should do the same for their citizens.
She became President Franklin D Roosevelt's Secretary of Labour in 1933.
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2 days ago by ndf

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