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By now, perhaps you’ve heard that a child “died in custody” as a result of dehydration. You’re probably as horrified, as sickened as I am. I want to take a few moments to think about what it means…
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5 hours ago by jeffhammond
Vadim Nikitin reviews ‘A Terrible Country’ by Keith Gessen · LRB 11 October 2018
Following Moscow’s 2014 annexation of the Crimea, Gessen’s dispatches from Odessa and separatist Donetsk gave voice to the ‘losers’ from the fall of the USSR, whose many legitimate grievances, often flailing and inarticulate or couched in dated rhetoric, are dismissed by both local liberals and Western observers.
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15 hours ago by soobrosa
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There’s a strange paradox that sums up this age, which can best be put in the form of a question. If the left was right, then why is the right winning? Think about how strange it is with me for a…
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yesterday by jeffhammond
What I learnt from a year of reading only books by women | Financial Times
For me, it soon became clear that simply attempting to redress the gender balance wasn’t sufficient. If the path generally taken by our reading culture means that women are easy to miss, then writers of colour are even more excluded. Some of the great delights of this year have come through my attempts to ensure that my reading — while exclusive by its nature — was as inclusive as possible. Still it wasn’t nearly good enough. Nonetheless, I’ve found that my experiment offered a refuge in a year of often bitter conflict. It’s not just the absence of tone-deaf representations of women (goodness knows, both sexes are more than capable of doing this to themselves and the opposing gender). It was a very real sense of coming home to a sisterhood.

Twelve months on, I’m ready to rejoin the fray. This year has been a palate cleanser but I miss being able to take anything I want down from the bookshelves. The joy of reading is the lucky dip element, the serendipity of never knowing what — or who — is going to speak to you next. Refusing to acknowledge half of humanity seems short-sighted at best, dangerous at worst. But if 2018 has taught me one thing, it’s that making sure that you stick to that fifty-fifty balance has never been more important.
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yesterday by corrales
The bad news on human nature, in 10 findings from psychology | Aeon Ideas
Don’t get too down – these findings say nothing of the success that some of us have had in overcoming our baser instincts. In fact, it is arguably by acknowledging and understanding our shortcomings that we can more successfully overcome them, and so cultivate the better angels of our nature.
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yesterday by corrales
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When I look around, I see a world struggling to understand itself. Every century in which progress occurs must learn from the last — and the problem today is that we haven’t yet done that. What is…
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yesterday by jeffhammond
Masterpiece - The Art of Conversation - BBC Sounds
The Oxford Muse / Conversation Dinners / Theodore Zeldin
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