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I’m so tired and I’m not even a woman.
"I also know that any man who is uncomfortable with the empowerment of women is simply afraid that the only thing he has going for him is that he is a man."
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yesterday by garrettc
Inside Cuba's DIY Internet Revolution
"In Cuba, where Wi-Fi is both slow and terrible, you will be an emissary from the future, a hint of the degeneracy to come. You’re a full-on mainlining internet junkie with the world’s uproar piped into your head 24/7, your emotional landscape terraformed and buffeted by whatever some narcissist just posted on Instagram or some windbag on Twitter. But like the “not even once” warnings around drugs like meth, you know that after the internet is in Cubans’ pockets, it’s over. Even backward, bitter-ender communist Cuba will become part of the vast data Borg, tied via arterial fiber-­optic cables and Wi-Fi to the same pandemonium that gave us cat videos, live­streamed murders, and President Donald J. Trump. The real irony is that if the internet does topple the government and bring democracy to this democracy-starved island, it’ll happen just as democracy itself is being undone by Facebook and every other filter-bubble-­creating, political-polarization-amplifying, algorithm-optimized feed. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, and also oversimplifying, because the Cubans—the very resourceful Cubans—haven’t exactly been sitting around sipping mojitos as the digital revolución passed them by. They have workarounds. Oh, do they have workarounds."

"Like some weird species in an isolated redoubt like Australia, Cuba has been evolving convergently (if mostly independently) to the outside world, even if several technical generations later. Turns out if you connect twitchy, narcissistic, boredom-prone humans via digital media, no matter how makeshift the plumbing, they behave in exactly the same way."

"Here’s the tragic reality that the optimists in Silicon Valley don’t realize: Technology isn’t going to “save,” “ruin,” or otherwise seriously change Cuba any more than tourism did. The country embraced tourism in the early ’90s and since then has served as a preeminent Eurotrash vacation destination. But it turns out Western tourists don’t actually pack democracy in their luggage when they come to gawk at tyrannical regimes like visitors in some immersive zoo.
"If the world has learned anything from the past two decades of Cuban economic liberalization, it’s that what happens inside Cuba is a function of the regime’s decisions and is almost completely unaffected by anything the international community does." [think China - tmx]

-- Antonio García Martínez
Wired | | 26 jul 2017
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yesterday by tometaxu
New British study shows that driving long commutes makes you stupid
"The 93,000 people who drove more than two to three hours a day typically had lower brainpower at the start of the study, which kept on declining throughout, at a faster rate than those who did little or no driving."

"... the study also looked at people who watched a lot of TV and spent a lot of time on the computer. Interestingly, watching TV was as bad as driving, whereas people who used computers did not have a decline in intelligence tests, 'which suggests that computer use has a stimulating effect on the brain.'"

"There are so many studies that show the social cost of driving and its impact on society. Surely this one supports planning policies that encourage walkable cities, development that promotes people living close to work, in communities where there are lots of options for socializing and entertainment, and perhaps not a few libraries."

-- Lloyd Alter
TreeHugger | | 25 jul 2017
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yesterday by tometaxu
Tourists warned over exchange rate costs - BBC News
"The practice of offering a pay-in-sterling option is called dynamic currency conversion.
"Most tourists are on their guard against being stung by high prices. What they don't expect is that they could be trapped by the payment system itself."

-- Simon Gompertz
BBC News | | 24 jul 2017

This article is about Britons traveling in Europe, but the principles apply for everywhere.
-- tmx
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yesterday by tometaxu
The Evolution of Trust
Beautiful little game showing the implications of the prisoner's dilemma on trust.
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yesterday by torbiak
Catholicism's Narrative of the World, and How to Rebuild It
'When the West lost the Christian metanarrative that gave cohesion to its diverse regions, and its title, “Christendom,” was consequently replaced by the emptier signifier “the West,” it became more susceptible to evil ideologies like National Socialism and violent jihadism, since such ideologies promise to replace the lost sense of transcendence.'
christianity  society 
yesterday by fairyrevel
Sethu Das | Homepage
Founder: Friends of Tibet | Design & People | Centre for Social & Political Art (CSPA) | The Art India Fund

Sethu Das | | retr 26 jul 2017
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yesterday by tometaxu
Letter from The Dominican Republic | Sons and Daughters
The village where girls turn into boys
"Anaibe’s hometown may help to answer some of these questions [about how intersex people would fare with surgery and social stigma]. In the United States, the exact prevalence of intersex births is disputed, but a conservative estimate would place the number at one in two thousand. In Las Salinas and Saladillo, one in ninety children is born intersex, making the community a kind of laboratory of gender fluidity, with a surprising range of outcomes."
" while many of the subjects had been raised as girls, once puberty set it, they were accepted as boys. They were, the researchers wrote, a 'testimonial to the malleability of human beings in the acquisition of gender identity'"

Doctors who do intersex surgeries are only "'trying to help. But if you frame something as a medical problem, then you’re establishing the need for a medical response.'
"On the face of it, there is a compelling argument for stopping surgical intervention: Why make lifelong decisions for children before they are even able to speak? At the same time, many parents feel a desire to ease their child’s life — to smooth the road ahead, to avoid potentially painful confusions and conversations. All parties want the same outcome for adulthood: fulfillment, respect, a partner or family (if those things are desired). Where they differ is in how to get there. After all, while many of us are quick to endorse inclusivity as a bedrock principle, our society is still rigid when it comes to the construction of gender. We struggle with difference. The first question when a baby is born tends to be: Is everyone healthy? The second is: Is it a boy or a girl?"

"It’s hard, of course, to make general claims about all intersex cases. At the same time, it seems reasonable to draw some conclusions about Las Salinas and its unusually large population of intersex inhabitants. The town had certainly not moved beyond gender in any sort of utopian way: in fact, such norms were as rigid as you might expect in a conservative society. The menu consists of two choices: man or woman. (In discussing Johnny’s impending surgery, a tearful Claribel kept telling me, “I’m so happy because now he will be a real man.”) Yet intersex children were given time to figure out which category made sense for them. And for the most part, members of the community were satisfied to leave such decisions to the children themselves.
"Where this laissez-faire acceptance came from was still something of a mystery to me. It didn’t seem to be rooted in Dominican culture. Had several generations of 5-alpha managed to transform a small town — especially one where almost everybody seemed to be related? And if so, why hadn’t the same thing happened to similar communities in Papua New Guinea and Turkey?"

long article, following one person, and examining social attitudes and the issue in general.

-- Sarah Topol
Harper's Magazine | |
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yesterday by tometaxu

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