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Drug cartels smuggle illegal gold from Colombia, Peru to Miami | Miami Herald
The insatiable demand for gold — for smartphone components, jewelry and coins — is fueling an environmentally ruinous mining boom in the rainforest in Peru and Colombia. The metal is exported to Miami. Latin American drug bosses have infiltrated the industry, using it to launder profits.
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8 hours ago by corrales
It's the (Democracy-Poisoning) Golden Age of Free Speech | WIRED
At a time when anyone can broadcast live or post their thoughts to a social network, we should be living in a utopia of public discourse. We're not.
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13 hours ago by SimonHurtz
Польза обществу: ivanov_petrov
Я существую, чтоб приносить пользу себе, близким и дорогим мне людям и людям, которым я чем-то обязан. Кто такое "общество" и каким образом я ему чего-то должен - совершенно неочевидно. С человеческими структурами типа "государство" я вступаю во взаимодействие типа "ты мне - я тебе", это, конечно, своего рода польза, но к оценке меня как явления это отношения не имеет
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14 hours ago by some_hren
Descartes in the Matrix – UC Berkeley Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal
Now, let’s say we are in the Matrix. (Realists, bear with me.) We don’t know whether reality is actually reality, which is worrisome, because it might mean that we don’t know anything at all. We might not even be capable of knowing things, period. But Descartes has a solution! (Sort of.) His answer to the question of what he can know for certain does exist is (spoiler alert) Cogito ergo sum–I think, therefore I am. If thinking is happening, there has to be someone (namely me) that’s doing the thinking. Even if I have no idea whether reality exists as I know it, I can know that I exist. So there you have it. Solace in the Matrix: reality might not exist, but you sure do.
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21 hours ago by corrales
Mahurat C-section: Astrologers decide 1 in 5 elective cesarean child births. Because, superstitions
Astrology is the worst kind of superstition, the most stultifying and solipsistic one, that makes us believe that the stars and the planetary plasmas are all about us. The spell of its clerical class has to be broken. They have to be called out to impugn the manner in which they 'scientise' their claims.

(so well written)
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yesterday by kohleyed
Women in UX: Meet Henny Swan, Advocate for UX Inclusivity | Adobe Blog
Featured in
2018 Adobe Experience Business Awards: Business Impact Through Optimization

How Two Sundance Ignite Alumni Are Taking Their Work to New Heights


by Sheena Lyonnais
POSTED ON 01-12-2018
Henny Swan was driven to work in accessibility back in the 90s when websites were flashier than RuPaul’s most glamorous gown. Those animations laid the foundation for her work in what we now understand as user experience design.  

It was the 1990s, back when websites were flashier than RuPaul’s most glamorous gown. Henny Swan, who is now the director of user experience at the Paciello Group in the UK, was working in China on an early search engine. Websites at the time were so flamboyant and unusable in her opinion that they ignited her career in what we now understand to be user experience design.

“Everything that we know about design in the West is counter to what people love about design in China,” she said. “They like it busy and animated, so I inadvertently found myself going, ‘Actually, this animation is a little bit too much.’”

When the dot-com bubble burst, Swan found herself back in the UK, where she is originally from. Around this time, the term accessibility was starting to shift gears and gain traction. The Royal National Institute of Blind People, based out of London, England, was looking for an accessibility consultant. Swan applied and got the job, a decision that would come to define her career in web and establish her niche as an accessibility expert in the design industry.

While many become passionate about accessibility in design because they or a loved one has experienced an accessibility challenge, Swan realized early on that design has the power to disable us all — if not already, then most certainly in the future. The term is much broader than the traditional definition that many associate it with.
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