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What next for photography in the age of Instagram? | Art and design | The Guardian
Dullaart’s work centres on what he calls “the capitalisation of community”. In all of this, Wiley’s anxiety about the creation of a new photograph “that can stake a claim to originality or affect” remains resonant. But it also sparks an attendant question, which is not so much what social media is doing to photography, but what an image-propelled social media culture is doing to us? Where is our agency in a world so dominated and driven by digital technology, so controlled by global corporations and invisible algorithms?

One answer is that it is simply preparing us for the next seismic shift in technology: artificial intelligence. Though you may not have noticed it, AI is already ubiquitous, no more so than in photography technology. As Wired magazine reported recently, the latest Apple phones “come with new chip technology [that]… allows the new devices to offer slicker camera effects and augmented reality experiences”. It’s the latter phase, in all its sci-fi techno-speak, that heralds the future of smartphone camera technology.

In February this year, researchers from Alphabet Inc’s DeepMind division released thumbnail images of a range of everyday subjects: a dog, a butterfly, a hamburger and an ocean view. All were AI-generated images produced from scratch by an algorithm called BiGAN. All look disturbingly like real photographs. Sooner than we think, it will be impossible for the human eye to tell the difference between an AI-generated image and a real photograph. The future is already here and photography is the medium shaping it – and us – in ways that make all these anxieties about the meaning of photography seem almost irrelevant. And, in another way – against a backdrop of fake news, alternative facts, and artificial intelligence – more relevant than ever.
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13 Ways Public Schools Incubate Mental Instability In Kids
The correlation between public school environments and the deteriorating mental health of children has been intensifying for decades.
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How saving the liberal world order became harder | Financial Times
Political extremism is only one response to failing economic systems
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