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Social Realist Tasting Notes
Tasting notes can sound pretentious because the language is borrowed from the world of wine, and refers to a lifestyle with which few of us can connect.
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Architectural and Cultural Guide: Pyongyang [WSJ]
Pyongyang was 90% destroyed during the Korean War. So its later, ground-up rebuilding as a communist capital makes it a textbook showcase of totalitarian kitsch—-that perverse byway of genuine art. The animating principle of totalitarian kitsch is the glorification of the state and its leader. The style borrows its vocabulary from the forms of legitimate art-—the figure, the equestrian statue, the landscape-—but it empties them of all but the most cloying, shallow emotion, relying on an inflated sense of scale and an off-the-shelf, formulaic realism.

It is possible that some of the information published is classified under North Korean law. The publisher cannot accept liability for any problems with local authorities that may arise from taking this publication into North Korean territory.
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Ben Shahn Death of a Miner (1949)
During the first half of the 20th century, there was a belief (perhaps naive) that art and artists could change the world by altering the way people looked at and thought about problems and injustices in society. Shahn's Death of a Miner is typical of this Social Realism genre and during the 1930s and 40s, Shahn continued to espouse and paint in connection with a number of left-wing socialist causes [2].
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