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Flickr Is Back, Letting Us Go Home Again | WIRED
And that's the thing: Flickr feels like a permanent home. While sharing is great, it turns out that as we progress in our digital lives, as we take more and more photos and share them more and more places, we eventually want to go back and see them again. (Which explains the popularity of services like TimeHop.) We want to revisit them. We want to relive them.

And I think that gets at why the web was so adamant about Yahoo saving Flickr. It wasn't just that we wanted yet another app update. It's that we didn't want to give up on what we already had. In short, we wanted to go home again.
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17 hours ago by DirkSonguer
OMR > Selfie-Fabriken statt Marketing
Mit Instagram hat das Marketing nun einen Weg gefunden, vom rasanten Aufstieg des Selbstporträts zu profitieren
Selfismus  Identität  Influencer  SocialNetworks 
8 days ago by praschl
nyt > Meet Yrsa Daley-Ward, the Bard of Instagram
The British poet on her new lyrical memoir, “The Terrible,” and why she thinks Instagram poets are doing the genre a service.
Literatur  SocialNetworks 
10 days ago by praschl

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