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Snopes pulls out of its fact-checking partnership with Facebook – Poynter
In a statement published Friday, the fact-checking site said that it has withdrawn from its partnership with the technology company, which enabled them to decrease the reach of false stories, images and videos in the News Feed.
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13 days ago by basemaly
XKCD on the dishonesty implicit in the sharing options in social media / Boing Boing
The latest XKCD strip, "Sharing Options/#2016" is a brilliant and trenchant surfacing of the hidden rhetoric of social media, where your options are "permanently share with billions of people, including internet scammers, random predatory companies, and hostile foreign governments" or "a small set of 300 or so approved friends," and when this is questioned, the…
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13 days ago by basemaly
Steem Italia
Webapp della comunity SteemPostIt che fa da front-end all'interazione con la blockchain di Steem tramite una interfaccia più gradevole.
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5 weeks ago by vittoriozuccala
Facebook Figured Out My Family Secrets, And It Won't Tell Me How |
The bigger reason the social network may be shy about revealing how the recommendations work is that many of Facebook’s competitors, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, offer similar features to their users. In a 2010 presentation about PYMK, Facebook’s vice-president of engineering explained its value: “People with more friends use the site more.” There’s a competitive advantage to be gained by being the best at this, meaning Facebook is reluctant to reveal what goes into its algorithm.

The caginess is longstanding. Back in 2009, users getting creepily accurate friend suggestions suspected that Facebook was basing the recommendations on their contact information—which they had volunteered when they first signed up, not realizing Facebook would keep it and use it.
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5 weeks ago by kme
How Facebook Outs Sex Workers |
“The worst nightmare of sex workers is to have your real name out there, and Facebook connecting people like this is the harbinger of that nightmare,” she said. “With all the precautions we take and the different phone numbers we use, why the fuck are they showing up? How is this happening?”

“Facebook isn’t a luxury,” Darling said. “It’s a utility in our lives. For something that big to be so secretive and powerful in how it accumulates your information is unnerving.”

The outing problem is, like Facebook’s ongoing fake-news scandals, a result of the company’s growth-above-all strategy: First round up as many users as possible, then start cleaning up (or not) the side effects of operating at that scale. People You May Know may be incidental to an individual user’s experience, but it extends the reach and density of the network.
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5 weeks ago by kme
Facebook is not equipped to stop the spread of authoritarianism | TechCrunch
TechCrunch - Reporting on the business of technology, startups, venture capital funding, and Silicon Valley
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6 weeks ago by xer0x
Inside Facebook’s Secret Rulebook for Global Political Speech - The New York Times
The social network has drawn criticism for undermining democracy and for provoking bloodshed in societies small and large.

But for Facebook, it’s also a business problem.
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6 weeks ago by trianta
"Why Google didn’t need a traditional to succeed in local, and yet we are seeing an arc of Google ad…
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7 weeks ago by jhill5
As Facebook Raised a Privacy Wall, It Carved an Opening for Tech Giants - The New York Times
Internal documents show that the social network gave Microsoft, Amazon, Spotify and others far greater access to people’s data than it has disclosed.
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8 weeks ago by basemaly

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