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Facebook Photos Size Guide | UPDATED 2018 | Social Media Images
If you've come across this page, you've no doubt found out for yourself that working out what image sizes to use on Facebook isn't as easy as it could be.
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12 hours ago by foliovision
In the Web’s Hyperreality, Information Is Experience
My perspective of a recent “patriot” group that came onto campus, for example, was more influenced by the death of Heather Heyer than anything that happened on campus, and the digital reality I had been exposed to shaped that experience.

In the world of Baudrillard’s hyperreal, information is experience. And as such, the standard old-school experimental psychology tests — “Here’s some information about global warming, how do you feel about regulation now?” and the standard negative campaigning studies don’t really apply to what where seeing right now. They don’t even come close. [...]

But whatever your take, I encourage you to think of disinformation in this way, at least for a bit — not as the spread of false information, but as the hacking of the simulated reality which we all must necessarily inhabit. As something that does not just change knowledge, but which produces new life experiences as real as the the Iraq War, your neighbor’s fight with cancer, or your child’s illness. To see it in this way is perhaps more terrifying, but ultimately necessary as we attempt to address the problem.
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13 hours ago by ayjay
[Revision] Preservation Acts | Harper's Magazine
The truth is that saving everything is no guarantee against forgetting most of it. Memory, like history, is never exhaustive, and we all make choices about what to include. Still, it’s frightening to let go of anything, not knowing what you’ll wish you’d saved.
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15 hours ago by allaboutgeorge
Growth Marketing Toolbox 145: Facebook Ads for Lead Generation
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15 hours ago by iagdotme
Asian Americans' WeChat-Fueled War on Affirmative Action - The Atlantic
"WeChat's impact has to be understood as an information environment as a whole — it's kind of like a fishbowl in which you have these different narratives that kind of cohere together, one of which is the neglect and marginalization of Chinese Americans"
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16 hours ago by allaboutgeorge
Morphosis: GeBurt und GeErnie (1872)
It brings me back to a subject over which I fret, sometimes. Fret probably overstates it: but the cultural regime, or logic, of the present is surely one of an absolutel massive connectivity. We're all connected with everybody else who has a means to get online, and that's almost everyone nowadays. Twitter and instagram and all the other social media link us in with global millions. Does this make us a global mob, easily manipulated by unscrupulous influence-peddlers to vote for Brexit or support Trump, or vice versa? Or is there any sense in which this massive interconnectivity actualises, in a radically new magisterium, precisely the aesthetically liberating life-art Nietzsche theorises in Birth of Tragedy? Do social media give us the simulacrum of social interaction whilst actually sealing us away, or are these technologies in fact creating a new Dionysiac collectiveness in which we can glimpse the escape from the prison of individuation of which Nietzsche writes?

I'm not sure I know. Indeed, I wonder if I'm too old to know. I grew up before these technologies and I was a largely solitary, rather bookish child. I did not, for example, have anything like the number, range and easy intimacy of friendship my teenage daughter has; and although she has this wide circle of supportive and brilliant friends partly because she is a more charming and less mulish human being than I was at her age, but also because she has these new technologies with which to stay in continual inwardness of friend-communion. We tend to catastrophize these media, but maybe we shouldn't?
18 hours ago by ayjay

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