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How to Fix Social Media by Injecting A Chunk of the Blogosphere
And guess what? So have Twitter and Facebook. Just by enduring, those places have become places for lasting connections and friendships and career opportunities, in a way the blogosphere never was, at least for me. (Maybe this is partly a function of timing, but look: I was there.) And this means that, despite their toxicity, despite their shortcomings, despite all the promises that have gone unfulfilled, Twitter and Facebook have continued to matter in a way that blogs don’t.
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Lessons of the North Pond Hermit - The Atlantic
He began writing Solitude: In Pursuit of a Singular Life in a Crowded World after he realized he had never spent a day of his life alone, at least not without communicating electronically with others. “Why,” he wonders, “am I so afraid of my own quiet company?” The main subject of his book is not solitude, however, so much as its destroyers—the addictive digital resources to which human beings turn in order never to be alone: social media, video games like Candy Crush, the incessant blips and nudges with which one’s phone asserts its codependency. Harris notes that these distractions do not merely impair our brain function, dilute our sense of identity, and shrink our lives. They make us lonely.
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