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The Surprising Boost You Get From Strangers - WSJ By Elizabeth Bernstein, May 2019
Via WSJ 19/20 Jun 2019

"Sometimes a stranger—not a friend or a loved one—can significantly improve our day. A pleasant encounter with someone we don’t know, even a nonverbal one, can soothe us when no one else is around. It may get us out of our own head—a proven mood booster—and help broaden our perspective. "

Ten Ways to Connect With Strangers

Be brave.
Chat up someone you see regularly
Ask about the other person. Everyone loves to talk about themselves.
Bond during a challenging experience
Ask for help.
Focus on what you have in common.
Mutual disclosure helps.
Use humor.
Make sure the interaction is equal.
Do it again.
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Online gaming for male bonding
Men who aren't comfortable with intimate conversation still have meaningful conversations with friends while gaming
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The Relentlessness of Modern Parenting - The New York Times
""On the one hand, I love my work,” she said. “But the way it’s structured in this country, where there’s not really child care and there’s this sense that something is wrong with you if you aren’t with your children every second when you’re not at work? It isn’t what I think feminists thought they were signing up for.”
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