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The Fatal Allure of Single Payer | Hoover Institution
The ardent pleas of Bernie Sanders won’t make a socialist system work.
healthcare  policy  america  socialism  rebuttals 
1 hour ago by Kjaleshire
Russian Revolution, 100 Years On: Its Enduring Allure & Menace | National Review
Communism’s legacy of violence and discredit ideas remain a political force 100 years after the Russian revolution.
russia  socialism  modern-times 
3 hours ago by Kjaleshire
How Medicare For All Could Become the Leading Cause of Death In America - Foundation for Economic Education
Medicare for All is more a political talking point than a medical solution to improve the overall health outcomes of Americans.
policy  america  studies  healthcare  socialism 
4 hours ago by Kjaleshire
George Bernard Shaw Was so Enamored with Socialism He Advocated Genocide to Advance It - Foundation for Economic Education
Shaw argued that the dictator was forced to organize mass executions to keep the country safe from “exploiters and speculators.” Mass murders were also necessary to maintain a competent workforce.
socialism  politics  authors  modern-times 
4 hours ago by Kjaleshire
The Left Case Against the EU (1/2)
Bitter reflections on Greece’s capitulation to EU institutions argues no evolution is possible, they are too brittle
greece  europe  union  euro  analysis  pointofview  negotiation  history  Q1  2019  uk  brexit  grexit  ruling  class  elite  socialism  ecb  bank  control  democracy 
12 hours ago by csrollyson
A Photo Essay Rebuttal to May Day | VodkaPundit
Will Collier found an amazing essay from photographer Stefan Koppelkamm. He toured East Germany just after the Wall was knocked down (it did not "fall") -- and then went back this century to shoot the same locations. The before-and-afters will shock you. Do yourself a favor and click the link t...
europe  history  photography  socialism 
2 days ago by Kjaleshire
The US And Terror: Haymarket Riots
This said, various events during the 1880s certainly rank as terroristic in nature. This period was roiled by a great deal of labor-related unrest; while industrialists amassed huge fortunes their employees often were forced to work extremely long days (up to 18 hours in some cases) for low wages. Employment was not guaranteed, no benefits were provided, and any dissent was often viciously suppressed by hired gangs.
2 days ago by foliovision
George Orwell: Why Socialists Don't Believe In Fun
Why Socialists Don't Believe In Fun, the article of George Orwell. First published: December 20, 1943 by/in Tribune, GB, London
essays  authors  socialism 
3 days ago by Kjaleshire

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