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YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: Jim Carrey: Stop Apologizing! We Must Say YES to Socialism!
'During a recent appearance on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, Hollywood actor Jim Carrey displayed his new "Nike" shoes and described them as "a salute to Colin Kaepernick" later even asserting that, "We have to say yes to socialism, to the word and everything. We have to stop apologizing." Stefan Molyneux does a deep dive into all things Jim Carrey and explains how an intelligent successful human being could still support the dangerous ideology of socialism.' -- "The way you avoid getting angry at your mother is you say 'Well, it happens to everyone.'" -- Muh anxious attachment
psychology  attachment  neglect  trauma  normalization  ideology  socialism  shame  narcissism  rkselectiontheory  StefanMolyneux 
3 days ago by adamcrowe
YouTube -- Rebel Media: Katie Hopkins stumps anti-Brexit Femi Oluwole with THIS question
'Katie Hopkins of debated Femi Oluwole of Our Future Our Choice, whose script started to fall apart when Katie asked just one question...' -- Useless idiots are useless
UK  socialism  usefulidiot 
3 days ago by adamcrowe
How to Survive an Authoritarian Government | Extra Newsfeed
This is just generally good advice even if you don't live inna terrifying Orwellian dystopia.
listicle  politics  samizdata  solidarity  activism  dystopia  socialism  sousveillance 
4 days ago by gominokouhai
Freedomain Radio -- #4187: Wrong About Sexual Market Value? - Call In Show - September 5 2018 (MP3)
"...This is why is so important to have reason and evidence as our standard for resolving disputes because, because belief systems are so genetic – from a pure Will to Power genetic standpoint – yeah, you kill off those people who disagree with you because you're killing off competing genetics to your Will to Power...this slaughtering political opponents which is quite common to Leftists has a Will to Power basis to it because they don't have the capacity to change people's minds; the moment somebody says everything is subjective they have said they will never reason someone out of their position, so they have opened the gates to the Will to Power at the same time they've closed the gates to rational discourse – of course that's going to lead to violence – it can't lead anywhere else! ... The Left keep contradicting themselves – always with the goal of power; everything that moves them closer to power or resists freedoms that interfere with their pursuit of power – and the people on the Right are like 'But this is inconsistent that there's no such thing as truth...' But the whole point is that it's not designed to be true; it's designed that when you use language to gain resources it's a lot easier than working for those resources yourself. If you can guilt people into giving you money, it's a lot easier than going out to earn that money yourself. And the purpose of [moralizing] language is to gain resources; it is not to be true; it is not to be consistent – and that's why the moment you point out contradictions you get get that rage, that hostility – almost that murderousness – when you point out contradictions. And it's natural because the point is to get resources, and when you point out contradictions you're threatening their use of language to get resources because their language is revealed to be inconsistent or contradictory and therefore you get the rage that's behind it. What is behind the Left is helplessness. Why? Because they're dependent upon the kindness of strangers; because they're dependent on the welfare state; because they're dependent upon the transfer of trillions of dollars through the power of the State – they are dependent, they are parasites in that sense...And so of course they have to be manipulative, as the weaker people. The taxpayer doesn't need the welfare recipient but the welfare recipient desperately needs the taxpayer...and so of course they have to be abusive because they're producing by their own, they're dependent upon the kindness of strangers – that kindness is wearing thin – and so they have to pile on the abuse."
rkselectiontheory  ideology  philosophy  morality  power  predation  victimhood  newspeak  slavespeak  shamingtactics  scapegoating  illiberalism  socialism  Nietzsche  StefanMolyneux 
5 days ago by adamcrowe
Mathematicians for All, Equality, Unity... Poster |
Shop Mathematicians for All, Equality, Unity... Poster created by MathForEquality. Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is!
math  humour  socialism 
6 days ago by pmigdal

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