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Impact Profile – Help make the world a better place
Impact Profile provides a central destination for individuals wishing to measure and showcase their own social contribution and impact, thereby inspiring others to do the same – social media for social good.
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5 weeks ago by herdivineshadow
Where can be applied to , and the most pertinent types of AI capabilities, as we…
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6 weeks ago by jhill5
We love how is literally bringing children into the debate!

At our Summit, she told…
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september 2018 by edsonm
People in a strengths based Summit Room innovate from the experience of wholeness, susta…
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september 2018 by caravanstudios
I'm seeing a heap of / optimism tweeted from 's - coupled with the tools and prac…
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june 2018 by AramZS
Untitled (
RT hvac Working at a company like HVAC which is deeply rooted in is pretty powerful. Cool article! -->
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february 2018 by CHCP
RT hvac Did you know that a portion of every purchase from HVAC is donated to helping those in need?
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january 2018 by CHCP
An Artist Residency in Motherhood
A self-directed, open-source artist residency to empower and inspire artists who are also mothers. 
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january 2018 by mildlydiverting

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