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Iran’s Millennials See Windows to the Outside World Closing - Bloomberg, Feb 6, 2019
Meanwhile, society continues its push toward greater openness. One 2018 case was particularly revealing: A teenage girl was arrested and forced to express public remorse after posting a series of videos that showed her dancing seductively without wearing a headscarf, in clothes that didn’t conceal the shape of her body. Until a few years ago, a woman wouldn’t think of sharing any snippet of her private life online, and certainly not in a public forum. But the outcry on TV and in some op-ed pages wasn’t all directed at the girl. Many commentators slammed the government for wasting time on such a trivial offense while the economy was suffering.

Iran’s provincial towns can feel like a different world, even if they’re just a couple of hours from Tehran by train. Mehdi Bahrami, a 27-year-old pharmacist in nearby Zanjan, says his leisure options are limited. There’s little theater or music, and his 13 million rial ($113) monthly salary won’t stretch to cover a gym membership. Nevertheless, change has arrived here, too. Bahrami spends much of his free time sipping tea with relatives, but he says he’s also developed deep friendships on social media, where he discusses history, philosophy, and Iran’s future with contemporaries all over the country.
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8 weeks ago by elizrael
The Making of a Democratic Economy | Ted Howard | RSA Replay - YouTube
"While not often reported on in the press, there is a growing movement – a Community Wealth Building movement – that is taking hold, from the ground up, in towns and cities in the United States and in the United Kingdom, in particular.

Ted Howard, co-founder and president of the Democracy Collaborative, voted one of ‘25 visionaries who are changing your world’, visits the RSA to share the story of the growth of this movement, and the principles underlying it. Join us to explore innovative models of a new economy being built in cities from Cleveland, Ohio to Preston, Lancashire, and to discuss how we might dramatically expand the vision and reality of a democratic economy."
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november 2018 by robertogreco
Interesting discussions around the value of in . One onclusion: it's valuable but how…
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november 2018 by rcollings
FAO Schwarz Fellowship
The FAO Schwarz Fellowship is an intensive, transformative two-year experience in the world of social impact that includes focused professional development. Our Fellows are highly motivated, passionate recent college graduates who are committed to social justice.

The Fellows work at leading nonprofit organizations in Boston, New York City and Philadelphia. These organizations are all deeply valued in their communities and have a strong record of delivering consistent results and high-quality services. Host organizations vary from year to year — and all have a proven commitment to addressing critical issues of social inequity.

Applicants must be college seniors at the time of application and be eligible to work in the United States for the duration of the Fellowship.
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november 2018 by risdgrants
Whoever tries to reconcile wealth with social justice lives a life of contradiction and unease.

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october 2018 by caravanstudios
Barbara Hammer Lesbian Experimental Filmmaking Grant
An annual grant of $5,000 that will be awarded to self-identified lesbians for making visionary moving-image art. Work can be experimental animation, experimental documentary, experimental narrative, cross-genre, or solely experimental. Applicants must be based in the U.S. This grant was established by Hammer in 2017 to give needed support to moving-image art made by lesbians. The grant is supported directly by funds provided by Hammer and administered through Queer|Art by lesbians for lesbians, with a rotating panel of judges.
unrestricted  grant  award  Film  Film/Animation/Video  Lesbian  Gender  SocialChange 
october 2018 by risdgrants
Iot と Fab と福祉
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october 2018 by derishus
RT : does not usually drive social change. On the contrary, is typically driven by decisions w…
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august 2018 by DocDre
Group Works | A Pattern Language for Bringing Life to Meetings and Other Gatherings
Product of a large network of group process people, attempting to articulate these patterns in a way that would relate to but not be attached to any one particular process or school of thought.

The patterns were originally developed in a Wagn (before we even knew we were going to make a deck of cards), now hosted on a Drupal site.
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august 2018 by johnabbe

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