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Mastodon is big in Japan. The reason why is… uncomfortable
> decentralization is important because it allows a community to run under its own rules.
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yesterday by mazin_z1
Why vegetarians should be prepared to bend their own rules | Practical Ethics
It’s a common enough scenario. A vegetarian has been invited to a friend’s place for dinner. The host forgets that the guest is a vegetarian, and places a pork chop in front of her. What is she to do? Probably her initial feelings will be disgust and repulsion. Vegetarians often develop these sorts of attitudes towards meat-based food, making it easier for them to be absolutists about shunning meat.
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yesterday by juliusbeezer
Jordan B Peterson – Google Is SJW Cesspool | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Jordan B Peterson – Google is SJW cesspool Clip taken from lecture: Bible Series X: Abraham: Father of Nations computer Jordan B Peterson – Google is SJW cesspool
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yesterday by wotek
GIRL On MOTORCYCLE Vs LITTERING – Motorcycle Riding Vigilante Takes Sweet Revenge On Litterbugs | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Female on Motorbike vs LITTERING – Motorbike Riding Vigilante Takes Sweet Revenge on Litterbugs SUBSCRIBE to Details Lifetime Fact for a lot more Neat Movies Like This – Female on Motorbike vs LITTERING – Motorbike Riding Vigilante Takes Sweet Revenge on Litterbugs A girl who seemingly had enough of littering took to the streets […]
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2 days ago by wotek

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