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Ministers urged to halt right-to-buy scheme | Society | The Guardian
More than 40% of former council homes now rented out by private landlords [...] In Ealing, the council has spent £107m buying back 516 former council properties that it had originally sold for £16m. Peter Mason, Ealing’s cabinet member for housing, said the report highlighted “exactly some of the more unforgivable impacts of Thatcher’s right-to-buy scheme, which she launched with great fanfare in Northolt [a town in the borough of Ealing]”.
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How to Fix Social Media by Injecting A Chunk of the Blogosphere
Not all hour-long podcasts are worthwhile, but I found this one by The Atlantic’s Matt Thompson and Alexis Madrigal to be pretty compelling.
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A Hard Dose Of Data-Driven Reality About Online Communities | FeverBee
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““Communications tools don’t get socially interesting until they get technologically boring.”” Clay Shirky, as quoted in
A Hard Dose Of Data-Driven Reality About Online Communities
November 5, 2013
By Richard Millington
Full quote is,
“Second, communities are boring. This is a good thing. As Clay Shirkey wrote; “Communications tools don't get socially interesting until they get technologically boring" We're over the hype plateau now. Communities are an available tool to achieve specific, measurable, goals. Organizations will need community professionals to use this tool.”
Contrary to common perception, the popularity of online communities has declined.

It peaked in April 2004. [There’s a graph]

This is partially attributable to the rise of social media.

As social media grew, the popularity of online communities dropped…at least a little. Companies that might've created communities are, for better or worse, now building Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Forums have declined too.
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Hitting the Marketing Email Sweet Spot With Millennials [INFOGRAPHIC]
via Pocket - Hitting the Marketing Email Sweet Spot With Millennials [INFOGRAPHIC] - Added January 19, 2019 at 07:44AM
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YPARD | Young Professionals for Agricultural Development
"YPARD enables and empowers young agricultural leaders who shape sustainable food systems. It is an international movement by Young Professionals FOR Young Professionals for Agricultural Development.
This global on-line and off-line communication and discussion platform is meant to enable and empower young agricultural leaders around the world to shape sustainable food systems."

Started in 2005, hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Global Forum for Agricultural Research (GFAR), Bioversity International and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). In 2006 in Bern, Switzerland funding support by SDC and official formation in India soon after.

Besides of fostering discussion via their social network function are they also have a regularly updated directory related to fundraising. For example they have posted the 'International Innovation Award for Sustainable Food and Agriculture' from the FAO and the Swiss governmentfor which our UR Bridge app is eligible for the 'Award for Digitalization and innovation for Sustainable Food Systems (USD 40 000)'.

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« Municipalités rurales et pauvreté… le défi d’en parler »
Le Réseau québécois de Villes et Villages en santé (RQVVS), le Collectif de recherche participative sur la pauvreté en milieu rural et le Groupe Femmes, Politique et Démocratie ont lancé une trousse d’outils de sensibilisation sur la pauvreté s’adressant aux élu(e)s de municipalités rurales. Le fruit du travail de collaboration entre le Réseau québécois de Villes et Villages en santé (RQVVS), le Collectif de recherche participative sur la pauvreté en milieu rural et le Groupe Femmes Politique et démocratie.
pauvrete  Quebec  communautaire  economie  social  trousse  recherche  statistiques  ville  gouvernement 
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Google Clarifies: Mobile-First Indexing vs. Mobile Usability
Google’s John Mueller clarified a key difference between mobile usability and mobile-first indexing that may come as a surprise to Google Seach Console users.
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31 Best Parallax Websites To Inspire You in 2019
Parallax scrolling, one of the hottest trends in web design right now, is something you probably don’t even realize you have already experienced. The amazing thing is that it is triggered by a visitor simply scrolling through a website.
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Phrases That Sell: 8 Copywriting Tips : Social Media Examiner
Want to write marketing copy that moves people to take action? Looking for tips from an expert copywriter? To explore how to create phrases that sell, I interview Ray Edwards, one of the world’s leading copywriters.
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