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From podcasts to chat bots: Engagement experiments at Harvard Business Review | Media news
"Defining engagement is really difficult – there's not one definition for any publisher or company, you have to do some work to figure it out for your publisher," said Maureen Hoch, editor, Harvard Business Review, speaking at the Digital Innovators' Summit in Berlin today (19 March). via Pocket
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#deletefacebook | TechCrunch
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Why we misunderstand capitalism – The Physics of Finance – Medium
Capitalism’s great power in creating prosperity comes from the evolutionary way in which it encourages individuals to explore the almost infinite space of potential solutions to human problems, and then scale up and propagate ideas that work, and scale down or discard those that don’t. Understanding prosperity as solutions, and capitalism as an evolutionary problem-solving system, clarifies why it is the most effective social technology ever devised for creating rising standards of living.
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RT : Simplifying Media Marketing (why NOT to overthink it) via
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