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DCN report shows publisher revenue from Google, Facebook, Snapchat - Business Insider Deutschland
Publishers are receiving far less money than might have been expected from placing their content on the third-party distribution platforms owned by companies including Facebook, Google, and Snapchat, according to a new report.
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12 hours ago by gugelproductions
Will social media kill the novel? Andrew O'Hagan on the end of private life | Books | The Guardian
Writers thrive on privacy, not on Twitter. What does a world in which our interior lives are played out online mean for the novel? It is a call to action, argues the novelist Writers thrive on privacy, not on Twitter.
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14 hours ago by jeffhammond
Social Enterprise Acumen-What we do
Social Enterprise Acumen CIC provides capacity building support and advice to existing or would- be social entrepreneurs looking to develop their concept or grow their business.
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19 hours ago by khudson
A hub for social movement-makers, community managers and local group leaders
to unlock the power of successful peer networks
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19 hours ago by khudson
The secret online world of British teens | WIRED UK
Teenagers spend a large chunk of their time together at school, but come the peal of the school bell, they were once able to head home and potentially live other lives. Now teens broadcast online 24/7, to friends and strangers alike, unable to hide some parts of their existence.
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yesterday by mikon_nikon
The debate about health care shows why viewpoint diversity is important
You also need to understand that the world is not as simple as John Oliver makes it sound when you watch his show. I know he’s funny and has a cool English accent, but he also has no fucking clue what he is talking about, only he doesn’t know that.
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2 days ago by nhaliday

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